Leslee Olson

All Photos: Mark Welsh

Nationality: American

Date of Birth: 14 March 1978

Years snowboarding: 15

Sponsors: Chorus, Vans, Helly Hansen, Boeri, Shaun Palmer’s Pro Snowboarder, Bar Clif, Da Kine, Mt Bachelor, Copia, High Cascade Snowboard Camp, Athletic Club of Bend, One Ball Jay, Side Effect Boardshop, Cup of Magic

Career highlights:
2002 8th, X Games.
2000 2nd Vans Triple Crown Big Air.
200 2nd US Open Boardercross and 2nd US Open Big Air.
2000 1st X Games

1999 2nd X Games
1999 1st Vans Triple Crown Boardercross.

Where are you spending the 2002/3 season?

Living in Bend, Oregon and travelling lots.

Where’s your favourite place to ride?

Mt. Bachelor

What’s your idea of the perfect day in the mountains?
Deep powder, snowy and riding with my friends.

What’s the best piece of snowboarding advice you’ve ever been given?
Dust yourself off and try again. Believe in yourself and your dreams or no-one
else will. Dream big.

What’s been the highlight of your career so far?
Starting Chorus Snowboards with four of my best friends.

What was your role in the launch of Chorus?
It was just an idea I had. Kinda off the Forum and M3 deal. I just thought it would be so cool to have something like that for girls. Three of the girls were on Burton with me and I talked to them and also Roberta and everyone was into it. So I went and met with Junkie Yoshida in Portland and he was into the idea. He flew everyone out and we had a company in a month. We didn’t think it would be so fast.

Does it bother you that the guys still get more press coverage and more
prize money in some of the competitions?

No. I think it is getting way better. Girls are stepping it up.

Do you think there are any differences in the way girls and guys ride or approach snowboarding?
Well for girls you usually end up riding with guys. I grew up riding with guys always and even till we started Chorus. I still ride with guys a lot. A few years ago riding with girls you would have been "That is wussy" but now riding with girls is so much fun. We push each other so much and it is just different. The guys always have that and feed off each other and that was one of the reasons for Chorus because we can all ride together and encourage and push each other so much. I think that is the main difference for guys and girls is that there need to be more girls riding and riding together and cheering for each other.

What kind of fitness program do you have to prepare for the snow?
I like working out a lot. I have been into spinning and step classes lately. Spinning helps my knees a lot and in step we do lots of jumping and plyometrics. I also do weights a few times a week and core strength like abs, back and push ups everyday. Running, mountain biking, skateboading, surfing and swimming also.

Is there any where you haven’t ridden that you’d still like to go?


Who inspires you?
My Mom and Dad, Mother Theresa, anyone out there in sports pushing it and being good role models. I am a serious sports fan.

Who are your favourite riders?
Todd Richards, Chris Dufficy, TomoYamakoshi, Roberta Rodger, Shannon Dunn-Downing, Cara Beth Burnside, Janna Rosarita Meyen, James Jackson, Louie Fountain, Adam Short, Allister Shultz, Patrick Butsch. Those are just a few. I have lots.

Any rookie girlies you see making it big in the next couple of years?
The girl from Australia Torah (Bright) is way good. Good style and goes for it.

Is there anything you’d like to achieve this season?
I just want to have a really fun season, do well in the contests I do, film and shoot a lot, and push my riding to a new level.


For more info about Leslee check out her cool website http://www.lesleeolson.com

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