Natasza Zurek

photo: Kevin Zacher/Burton
Date of birth: 4 March 1978
Nationality: Canadian
Sponsors: Burton, Anon, Nikita 1st Place ’04 Chicken Jam Slopestyle, Park City, UT
1st Place ’04 Burton Abomnible Snow Jam slopestyle, Mt Hood, OR
3rd Place ’04 US Open Rail Jam, Stratton Mountain, VT
1st Place ’04 Vans Triple Crown Slopestyle, Breckenridge, CO, US
1st Place ’04 Chicken Jam Slopestyle, Innsbruck, AUT
2nd Place ’03 US Open halfpipe, Stratton, VT
2nd Place ’03 Vans Triple Crown slopestyle finals
1st Place ’03 Global X Games, Whistler
2nd Place ’03 FIS World Cup halfpipe, Sapporo, JPN
1st Place ’03 Burton European Open halfpipe, Livigno, IT
2nd Place ’02 Nippon Open halfpipe, JPN
1st Place ’01 Vans Triple Crown Halfpipe, Snow Summit, CA, US
1st Place ’01 FIS World Cup Halfpipe, Park City, Utah, US
1st Place ’01 US Open Halfpipe, Stratton Mountain, VT, US
1st Place ’00 US Open Halfpipe, Stratton Mountain, VT, US
You get the last word in Dropstitch as the final person to appear in the film – what do you think of your part in the film?

photo: Dean "Blotto" Gray/Burton

I like my part so much! I don’t think it’s super sick but I do like how it turned out. I was riding hard all season and dreaming about getting a good video part, so when it came through I was very happy with my achievement. I don’t care if I looked bad during the interviews cause it’s really the riding that matters to me. I wanted to do as much of everything as I could including pipe, kickers, rails, that my riding showed to be diverse.

It’s clear from your introduction in the film that many of the girls really look up to you – what do you think it is that they admire?
I think they are happy to ride with me cause I’m very motivated to just go ride. You never have to drag me to the mountain. And usually while I’m shredding with my friends I try to encourage them to try new tricks like all the time. I want them to see me as a supportive friend and I want them to realize that they have no limits.

Do you have any filming plans for this season?
I want to support both film projects…Misschief Films and Chunkyknit. I’m not sure if it’s do-able to try to get sick film parts in both videos so I’ll probably have to choose one to focus on. Anyways, I just want to film as much as possible and hopefully the footage can be used.

Where are you based this season?
I’m based out of Whistler.

What else have you got in your diary this season – competitions etc?
I have about five slope style contests planned this season.

photo: Dean "Blotto" Gray/Burton

What trick gave you most satisfaction when you first stomped it?
Not one single trick. To pick one is impossible cause they all have their own challenges and rewards.

Who do you usually ride with?
Man, this crazy girl from Switzerland called Anne-Flore. Also other Burton team riders like AMK and Kjersti. Also Priscilla, Leanne, and Ma?┬┤lle.

Is there anywhere in the world where you’d like to go snowboarding that you haven’t been to yet?

What’s the best piece of snowboarding advice you’ve been given?
Why be angry when you can be happy. Also, I picked up some handy trick tips from my boyfriend who is a good rider and boards pro.

Which is the most fun event to compete in?
The last funnest event was Chicken Jam in Park City. They built us some fun, poppy, not-too-big jumps to play on.

Who are the women in the sport that are pushing it?
Bright, Beaman, Teter, Clark, Maas, Mittermueller, Kongsgaard, Marxer, Buaas, Levac, Pelosi, and Meyen are all the troops on the frontlines right now.

So what are your goals for the season?
To land all the sevens baby!

Do you ever get the fear and if so, what do you do to get over it?
I get the fear a lot of times from a lot of different things. Basically I just ask myself a question. Is this fear really a valid, legit fear, or am I just being a pussy? If the answer is that it’s too dangerous or out of my league then I won’t do it. But if I know I can do it but I’m just scared then I will block the fear out of my head by thinking about rainbows, gold, and happy things.

What are you most proud of during your career so far?
I was very proud at Chicken Jam cause I did the best run of my life up to that point, and cause I reached some goals that I’ve had for a long time.

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