Cheryl Maas

Pic: Josie Clyde @ Chunkyknit
Date of birth: 28-09-1984Nationality: Dutch

Sponsors: Volcom, Forum, Electric, Nixon

Recent results:
2005 2nd Candy Jam, Sweden
2005 6th Roxy Chicken Jam, Switzerland
2005 1st Session straightair, Arctic Challenge
2005 6th Slopestyle, US Grand Prix, Mt Batchelor
2004 5th Rails, US Open, Stratton, VT
2004 4th Slopestyle, Vans Triple Crown, Mammoth
2003 1st Big air, Nokia Totally board, Amsterdam
2003 1st Big air, Gouveia, Portugal
2003 6th Slopestyle, Vans Triple Crown, Breckenridge

How was your 04/5 season? What did you get up to?
The season went pretty fast. I did a couple of comps, but most of the time I was trying to film and I think I’m pretty happy with the shots I got, but I’m still missing out on some kicker shots.What did you think of the Arctic Challenge this year? What makes it so special and different for the riders from the other competitions?
There was no stress, and it was all the way up north of Norway and that was beautiful. And there’s the extreme big quarterpipe they have.

Pic: Josie Clyde @ Chunkyknit

Have you got any plans for the summer?
The only thing I know is that I want sun and surf and after that I will go to New Zealand.

Where did you film for Transfer this season and what was the filming like? Was it fun?
It’s always fun to go snowboarding with a group of people. There was a really good vibe the whole time. Some special trips I went on to were: Oregon – USA, Niseiko – Japan and to Narvik in Norway.

What are you most proud of in your snowboarding career so far?
That I tried to do a 50 stairs double kink handrail.

Pic: Josie Clyde @ Chunkyknit

Which of the contests you have competed in has been the most fun?
The Chicken Jam and the Candy Jam.

How much preplanning do you put into a slopestyle run? Do you know in your head beforehand pretty much what you’re going to try to do?
I never did till my last contest at the Candy Jam. I was Рfor once – serious. I got some good advice.

Do you ever get the fear? If so, how do you overcome it?
It gets me more motivated.

What kind of training do you do off the mountain?
Not much, but I just bought skipping rope.

When did you first realize you could make a career out of snowboarding?
When I was on my last year of school. I had to travel a lot already and I had some sponsors.

At the Dropstitch premiere last year your section got the biggest cheers – especially from the guys during your rail bits. Do you find that guys are sometimes surprised by what you and the other girls are achieving these days?
No not really, because I think we are stepping it up.

How do you cope with all the travelling? Do you have any essential items you always carry with you to make it easier?
My iPod.

Do you think female riders are getting the recognition and rewards they deserve?
I think we do get more recognition.

Where’s your favourite place to ride and why?
I really like it up in Norway because there were always beautiful views.

Who are the girls who think are pushing the sport most at the moment?
Torah Bright and Kelly Clark

Tell us a secret about another pro snowboarder…
NO.. secrets are secrets

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