Margot Rozies

Pic by Josie Clyde at Chunkyknit

Date of Birth: 14/10/85

Nationality: French

Recent results:
3rd 2005 slopestyle, O’Neill Pro Freestyle
8th 2004 halfpipe, FIS World Cup, Morzine
6th 2004 halfpipe, FIS World Cup, Risoul
5th 2002, halfpipe, Nokia Championaat de France, Chamonix
2nd 2002 halfpipe, Coupe de France, Morzine
1st 2002 halfpipe, regional circuit, Artouste
3rd 2001 halfpipe, AFS Top National Tour, Alpes d’Huez

How was your 04/5 season? What did you get up to?
I had a great season with a lot of snow. I spent the beginning of the season around the French Alps (Avoriaz,Portes du Soleil), then I was in Mayrhofen, Austria for a month and in Laax for a month. But generally I move a lot…

Have you got any plans for the summer?
Yes, I’m now studying in Annecy from the end of March until mid-July. It’s marketing-communication studies. Then I’ll take a break at home (Seignosse-Hossegor) to go surfing – even if I still have to go work at a company for school…

Where did you film for Transfer this season and what was the filming like?
I’ve been giving some footage that I filmed with friends in Avoriaz and Laax, the rest was filmed with Esther the Spanish chica in Mayrhofen.

Was it fun?

Pic: Lucie

Yes for sure, but I’ve never really been hanging out with the crew, don’t know why…

What are you most proud of in your snowboarding career so far?
I wouldn’t say I’m proud but I’m happy that I got my motivation back.

Which of the contests you have competed in has been the most fun?
For sure the TTR events, Intergirlactik, the Chicken Jam – contests about the girls.

Are the 2006 Olympics something you’d like to take part in?
Absolutely not.

How much preplanning do you put into a slopestyle run? Do you know in your head beforehand pretty much what you’re going to try to do?
Yes, I know pretty much but it will never be as precise as a half pipe run. Most of the time I do tricks that I like to do, and try to put style on it.

Do you ever get the fear? If so, how do you overcome it?
You just feel what you are able to do or not. Sometimes you just overestimate or underestimate your potential. Most of the time I just keep this in my mind: "Come on! Don’t be a p*ssy!"

What kind of training do you do off the mountain?
I’m not having special training but I do a lot of sports (surfing, climbing, cycling, horse riding…)

When did you first realize you could make a career out of snowboarding?
I fell into the snowboard industry when I was about 12, so it pretty much came naturally.

Lucie @

Do you listen to tunes when you ride?
Yes I love it but not too loud.

How do you cope with all the travelling? Do you have any essential items you always carry with you to make it easier?
My laptop.

Do you think female riders are getting the recognition and rewards they deserve?
Yes it’s better than it used to be.

Where’s your favourite place to ride and why?
I like a lot of places, too many…

Tell us a secret about another pro snowboarder.
Doriane Vidal & C?┬ęcile Alzina, they always want to pee…ahah!

Who are your sponsors at the moment?
Roxy, Gnu, Roxy eyewear, Evian, Grenade…and I’m looking for a boots and bindings sponsor…

What board are you riding at the moment and what’s it like?
Gnu Danny Kass 146 – good agressive style…

Any props?
Thanx to the ones that helped me, my parents, my sponsors and for sure my friends.

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