Mirjam Jaeger

Pic by Josie Clyde @ Chunkyknit

Nationality: Swiss

Date of birth: 09-11-1982

Contest results:
2004 1st Boarderweek, Slopestyle, Val Thorens, France
2004 1st FIS Halfpipe Competition, Sungwoo Resort, Korea
2003 Vans Triple Crown Halfpipe Finals,Bear Mountain,CA,USA
2003 4th AST Halfpipe, Sugerball, CA, USA
2002 5th Nokia Quaterpipe, Gent, Belgium
2002 2nd Swiss Halfpipe Tour
2002 1st Swiss Championships Halfpipe

Do you have any goals for the next couple of years?

Well for sure I always wanna continue to progress in snowboarding -that’s actually my main goal. Naturally I hope not to get injured as well because that’s my nightmare.

Are the Olympics something you’d like to be involved in?
Yeah, totally. I think it‚Äôs good to be in the Olympics because it‚Äôs unique. It happens only every four years and people watch it all over the world. On top of that it must be a great feeling to participate in the Olympics…..well for me there won‚Äôt be any Olympics because I don‚Äôt do FIS snowboarding World Cups.

How do you find dealing with the business/sponsorship side of the industry? Is it a stress?
I don’t think it’s a stress, I think it’s interesting. You can learn important things about snowboarding/industry business and get involved with the brands you ride for.

Which of the contests that you have competed in have been the most fun?
Hmmmmm….let me think…competitions…Well I haven‚Äôt really done a ‚Äòreal‚Äô competition for a long time but I‚Äôd say the ISF Pipe competitions were lots of fun, because they were all about having fun, the judging was alright and there was a good atmosphere….. but that‚Äôs a long time ago.

What is the best bit of snowboarding advice that you have been given?
That you need to have fun while you ride……that‚Äôs how you‚Äôre going to progress.


How much pre-planning do you put into a slopestyle run? So you know in your head beforehand pretty much what you are going to try?
Yeah for sure I always enter the competitions with my run figured out in my head. In training I try different runs and then in the end I choose one and just train this one to be well prepared for the competitions because in between the modules you don’t have time to think what trick you’re going to do on the next rail or kicker.

Do you ever get the fear? If so how do you overcome it?
Oh yeah I do….well when I‚Äôm freeriding I just try to get down asap and concentrate on what I‚Äôm doing. In freestyle I listen to my favourite songs and tell myself that I can do it and then go for it with my music in my ears……

What kind of training do you do off the mountain?
Well I do other sports besides because I love to do them. I go running, biking, hiking and also skiing. And I stretch a lot as well.

When did you first realise that you could make a career out of snowboarding?

Well I never really realised it and I’d say I’m not making a huge career out of it I’m just riding for my sponsors and trying to do my best. It just happened and I hope it’s going to continue.

How do you cope with all the travelling? Do you have any essential items that you carry to make it easier?
Well I always travel with my computer and my iPod…..Music and films on my computer can make hours of waiting a lot easier!

Do you think female riders are getting the recognition and rewards that they deserve?
I think nowadays they do but the female riding has gotten much better as well.

Where’s your favourite place to ride and why?
I don‚Äôt have a favourite place to ride…….I like to ride everywhere where the conditions are great, either a good park or good snow.

Who are the girls that you think are pushing the sport the most at the moment?
I think girls like Torah Bright, Cheryl Maas and Silvia Mitterm?ºller are pushing the level of riding all the time.

Tell us a secret about another pro snowboarder…
I don’t know any secrets cause as you know secrets are secrets so why should I know it;-)?

Who are your sponsors at the moment?
I ride for APO Snowboards, Nike ACG, Boll?©, SP Bindings, Drop, DC
Shoes and Himaya sunscreen.

What board are you riding and what is it like?
I ride the APO Selekta 153 which is actually a rail board. It’s larger than the other ones, the tail and nose are identical and it’s pretty soft. Just awesome to ride! When I’m freeriding I ride the APO Line 157 which is soft too but not as big.

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