Vicci Miller

Pic: John Roderick @ Chunkyknit

Date of birth 05/07/1980

Nationality: British

Recent results:

2004 5th Queen of the Mountain, CA slopestyle contest
2004 2nd Orange British Slopestyle Championships
2003 6th Vans Triple Crown Slopestyle, Mammoth
2004 1st Queen of the Mountain, CA slopestyle contest
2002 3rd Big Air, Board X, London

How has your season been? What have you been up to ?

It’s been short!! I spent the first two to three months re-educating my knee after an injury. I started filming in February had to learn new tricks, travel and film all within the last two months. So it‚Äôs been hectic!

What have you got planned for the summer?

I am going back to the UK for the wedding of my best friends Suzy and Steve. Go guys! Then am off to Iceland and doing all the summer camps around Switzerland and France. I have just bought a new apartment in Les Deux Alpes and not being a massive fan of orange and lino I will spend my time renovating it with the occasional break to Hossegor on my bike to see friends. Surfing, riding, biking and doing all the things I missed whilst on crutches for three months last summer!

Where did you film for Transfer this season and what was the filming like?

Pic: John Roderick @ Chunkyknit

I filmed with Lisa Filzmoser, Molly and Claudia in Tahoe backcountry before traveling to Vail and Breckenridge, Copper then east to the US Open before coming back to Mammoth for three days.

I then went to the Pyrenees, Italy to St Moritz, and Laax for the Pleasure magazine week. Coming home via Austria to the UK and returning to Mammoth for spring. I think the best time was the backcountry stuff which I love anyway but what made it better was that it was the first time I really rode normally again after my rehab.

You were out of action for a while with a knee injury, what happened and have you had to put in lots of work getting back on top form again?

I had fractured the lateral protrusion of my vertebrae and my back was weak and instead of taking enough time off and doing some rehab in the gym, I rode. In the final of the Quik Cup in Les Arcs I cleared the hip landed fine and just fell over three metres later and couldn’t walk. So it was six months of rehab after surgery and I had complications with a haemarthrosis bleed that set me back. Not being able to walk without crutches for two months was definitley the worst for me but you have to see the positive sides of bad situations and now at least I listen to my body, work hard and am so focused on what I want to achieve.

What are you most proud of in your snowboarding career so far?

I am so proud and privileged to have met so many wonderful people and had the opportunity to ride in so many amazing places. There are so many things to have evolved out of the experience and my friends definitely come out on top.

Which of the contests that you have competed in have been the most fun?

Personally the only aspects of competition I love are meeting up with friends that I don’t usually get to see too often and pushing the standard of my own riding. Competitions that are run in a jam format brings out the best riding and atmosphere that I have seen, for instance Intergirlatick and the Triple Crowns are always really fun.

Having spent a lot of time in Europe and the US, which do you prefer?

That is a really hard question!!! I love each country for the little things about the places you go and you cant really compare the cultures of each one as they are so vastly different. In terms of riding, America definitely has the best parks and pipes but the freeriding in Europe is sick. So I really enjoy living in the place I am living at that precise moment rather than having a preference. Sorry – cop out answer!

Pic: Lucie McLean @

What is the best bit of snowboarding advice that you have been given?

To have fun, as that is why you started and you have to remember that on a bad day. Also I was told yesterday to go in between the trees rather than use them as target practice and that always helps!!

How much pre planning do you put into a slopestyle run? So you know in your head beforehand pretty much what you are going to try?

In the morning or training runs before the comps I ride all the terrain and features to get to know all angles and speeds and then plan my runs. I will try and plan a safety run and then a run I will push myself to try all the new tricks I have just learned. I try to have alternatives in case it goes wrong but if it does I try and carry on the best I can. Personally, if I mess up on my safety run as I have forgotten to bring my brain that morning, I’ll still push for the more technical run the second run as I want to ride and push myself not just compete to try and get placed. Competitions for me are two runs of your life and not an analysis of how good of a rider you are so even on my bad days I still try to have fun.

Do you ever get the fear? If so how do you overcome it?

All the time. It’s how you handle it that allows you to improve. You must ultimately decide whether the fear is a result of an obstacle you really can’t overcome (jumping the Grand Canyon on a skateboard like Homer) or whether it is just your mind holding you back for the fear of possible pain. If I decide to go for it then I visualise myself making it and control the adrenaline in my body and usually sing as it relaxes me!!

What kind of training do you do off the mountain?

I have been in serious rehab so six times a week in the gym, consisting of cardio three or four times a week and strength training four times on specific areas of my body then balance and flexibility stretching everyday.

When did you first realise that you could make a career out of snowboarding?

Pic: Lucie McLean @

When heard how much Shaun White was making!! No ,when I had a good season winning a couple of comps and making some cash, but for me it is still my passion, something I need to do not want to because I could make a buck out of it.

How much time do you spend in the UK? Where would you say your home is now?

Not a lot as I spend most winters based in Mammoth, California then the summers in France so actually wherever I lay my hat!! Home is in my head and as I am a real nomad and so I think home is around my friends. I have found many special places but not one I want to settle in.

How do you cope with all the traveling? Do you have any essential items that you carry to make it easier?

I write, draw, read insane amounts and love spending time on my own so travelling I find exciting. I love having my computer and ipod with me as I need music!! It only gets annoying when you live out of a bag and all your clothes smell like your feet!!

Do you think female riders are getting the recognition and rewards that they deserve?

Yes I do. I saw the guys at the US open going up to watch the girls and really supporting their riding. Some of the girls are really pushing the sport now days and I think it can never be directly compared, as actually we have set up a sport that is being recognised nowadays as a league of our own.

Where’s your favourite place to ride and why?

June mountain, as everyday no matter whether it’s a good or bad day the atmosphere is amazing and everyone is so friendly. There are only six chairlifts on the entire mountain and it takes a good 40 mins to get to the park which has one of the sickest parks and best pipes I have ever ridden !!

Who are the girls that you think are pushing the sport the most at the moment?

Janna, Natasza, Leanne and Cheryl obviously stand out but I think you will be surprised to see some unknowns coming up and killing it look out for Marie France-Roy who is set for world domination in the not so distant future!!

Tell us a secret about another pro snowboarder…

Emily Akerblom loves 15-year-old wakeboarders!!

Who are your sponsors at the moment?

Oakley, Option, Vans, TSA, Coal headwear and Union bindings. I want to say a massive thanks to all the guys that have helped me through injury and support me in my mission to take over the world. moohhhhahhahhahha!!!!

What board are you riding and what is it like?

I am riding an Option Reason 157 which is awesome if a little stiff for jibbing but I just broke my Sansalone 57 slopestyle board so it’s a nice change for a while and rules in the Californian slush of springtime!!

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