06 Outerwear Trend Report

Holden Vega Pants

While the rest of the Northern Hemisphere is probably happy baking themselves in the sun right now, we know you probably can’t wait to be buried in snow. Snowboard companies will be dropping their 05/06 lines in just a few short weeks. Since we can’t give you snow, at least we can help you with a gear fix.

Trend :: New & Special Lines

When you walk into shops next season you may see some new brands. Holden is introducing their first women’s line this season. They are debuting with 4 jackets and 3 pants.

Also, lookout for Sepia to make its debut. This line features 3 jackets and 1 pants – all with some of the most original styling you’ll see this season.

Ride has brought back the Cappel line, and this time they’ve got gear for us girls. But if you’re looking for Burton’s Analog line this season, say au revoir, as Burton has dropped the women’s line, for now at least.

Burton Chopper Jacket

Trend :: Motorcyle Style

If you’re loving West Coast Choppers, then a lot of gear will be revving your engine this season. Motorcycle style is popping up everywhere. Burton brings this style as a shell in the Chopper Jacket and as the insulated Racer Jacket.

Cappel Sutton Pant
Cappel Sutton Pant with back corset detail

If you‚Äôre looking for a softshell with some style, Betty Rides’ Flack Jacket comes with 3L insulation, a hand mirror, looks that are a little bit Harley and a little bit Special Forces.

Holden’s Matador jacket channels a classic leather jacket with a low belt and asymmetric belt, and then classed it up with herringbone prints.

Trend :: Menswear Prints

Last season saw a bit of the menswear influence hit the snow, but this season it’s gone big. Menswear prints like pinstripes, herringbone, and houndstooth can be found in practically every line. Ride’s Cappel line adds a feminine flair to this trend with girly details like the corseted back on the Sutton Vented Cargo pants.

Burton Racer Jacket in Explosive Houndstooth print

Are these prints a bit too subtle for you? Then Burton may have you covered.The Explosive Houndstooth pattern makes a bold statement in several of their pieces. A bit more whimsical, the Naughty Pine pinstripe is found in Burton women’s 2L pieces.

If you’re looking for herringbone pants with a little flair check out Holden’s Vega pants. These 10,000mm waterproof pants have elasticized ruching in the hips, fun pockets, and a choice of 5 different colors.

686 Headphones Jacket (and Beanie and Belt)
Trend :: Custom Prints

Prints come in more than just pinstripes next season. Bonfire called upon skateboard artist Andy Jenkins and special effects masters Zoic to create 3 unique prints. Zoic’s kaledoscoping vine print is found on the Chroma jacket. Jenkins’ work can be found as a Tokyo newspaper inspired print on the Flare jacket, and the bold lines and stars of the Chroma jacket.

686 brings us the truly unique headphones print through their Artist Collaboration Effort (ACE) with LA artist Freddie C. This print is found in various colors throughout their line including jackets, pants, hats, belts and even hoodies.  The turquoise headphones is a standout.

Bonfire Chroma Jacket
Bonfire Chroma Jacket

Perhaps inspired by a bored designer in a meeting, NFA’s Schoolbook Pant and Jacket have a NFA themed doodling print in several colors.

Trend :: Downsized Down

This year’s crop of down jackets have dumped the unflattering stay puffed marshmallow look. Burton and 686 bring suede to the snow with Lodge Down jacket and Duchess Down jacket, respectively.

The Bonfire Truth jacket is 20,000mm waterproof and a subtle tonal


The 64Bit Jacket from NFA give the down jacket a stylish look using lots of seaming and color blocks.

Ride Ellis Down Jacket

Ride goes retro with Ellis Down parka – it has tonal houndstooth fabric, chevron seaming, fur hood and contrasting side stripes.

Sepia combines trends with a Houndstooth Puffy that comes in grey, lavender and mocha.

Trend :: Pro Signature Pieces

Ride Levac Jacket

For the first time, two companies are introducing pro model jackets. NFA’s pro rider Kendra Starr gets her very own jacket featuring (what else?) seamed stars.

One of the most eye-catching jackets this year is definitely the Ride Levac parka in the Zebra print.It’s also got a faux leather grommet belt, and faux leather corseted cuffs. And yeah it’s got that motorcycle styling too. There are matching Levac pants as well.

Trend :: Pant Fits

Look for more choice in fits, as love or not, low rise makes its way into snowboarding pants. Burton offers low rise in their Chastity pants, which also feature lots of pockets, a removable belt, and unique diamond seaming in the knees.

Burton Chastity Pant

For pants that make the most of your assets, K2’s designers paid special attention the booty fit of their Contour pants.

Bonfire Balance pants have the look of faded jeans but sport an undenimlike 20K mm waterproof rating. These pants are a favorite of Bonfire Pro Rider Leanne Pelosi.

Oakley Fast Operator
Oakley Fast Operator Suit

Another low rise pant is the 686 Smarty Lowrise pant that comes in a luscious rosewood tweed denim color. They also have the removable Smarty liner.

Trend :: Onesie

So we’re not quite sure if this is a trend or a joke, but Oakley has revamped the original skibunny one piece suit and brought us the Fast Operator one-piece suit. Oakley rider Gretchen Bleiler has been seen rocking this outfit at several big competitions.

So have you started your shopping list yet? With women’s outerwear getting better styling, better cuts, and more tech every year even self proclaimed outwear junkies like us are tempted to get a whole new wardrobe. Stay tuned to our Shopportunities section for even more of our top picks.

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