Claudia Fliri


Pic by Josie Clyde @ Chunkyknit

Nationality: Austrian

Date of birth: 14/02/1984

Recent results:

April 2005 1th, Spring Battle (Salzburg, Austria)

Jan 2005 1th, O´Neill Pro Freestyle (Avoriaz, France)

Feb 2004 1th, Blue Tomato Run to the Hill (Obertauern, Austria)

Feb 2004 1th, Chill and Destroy Tour (Westendorf, Austria)

March 2003 1th, T-Mobile Tour by ASA (Wildsch??nau, Austria)


How was your 04/5 season? What did you get up to?


The beginning was really good. I was in Mammoth for one month and it was perfect for me to practice there because in Austria we had no snow at that time. In February we had the Westbeach team trip in Snow Water BC.

Have you got any plans for the summer?

I’m up for riding on the glaciers in Austria, SP week in Garmisch (Germany)and Nitro camp in Saas Fee (Switzerland).

Where did you film for Transfer this season and what was the filming like?

We filmed this season in Mammoth after the team trip to Tahoe and Vail. I had trouble with my ankles – I hurt them all the time – it wasn‚Äôt too bad but always enough to take a week off…It was a bad filming season.

Was it fun?
For me filming is always a little bit stressful. It always depends on the weather and how you feel on the day….but every time I get good, useful shots I‚Äôm really happy.

What are you most proud of in your snowboarding career so far?
I´m proud of being a part of the Westbeach Team.

Which of the contests you have competed in have been the most fun?
The Chicken Jam in Park City was the funniest competition, especially the party. And the O’Neill Frestyle Pro in Avoriaz/France was also pretty good!

Are the 2006 Olympics something you’d like to take part in?
No, I’m not a pipe rider!!


How much preplanning do you put into a slopestyle run? Do you know in your head beforehand pretty much what you’re going to try to do?

Of course, always – otherwise I would have trouble getting a good smooth run.

Do you ever get the fear? If so, how do you overcome it?
Adrenalin is the next step of fear after jumping a big kicker.

What kind of training do you do off the mountain?
I try to stay fit with riding the bike, when the weather is bad I work out at the fitness centre (Happy Fitness).

When did you first realize you could make a career out of snowboarding?

I never realised it, I only do what I love!!

How much thought do you put into what you wear on the mountain?
I always think about the weather, then I decide which Westbeach clothes to wear.

Do you listen to tunes when you ride?
For sure…I can’t ride without music!

How do you cope with all the travelling? Do you have any essential items you


always carry with you to make it easier?

I enjoy travelling, it’s a good experience for life. I always carry my Boji (living stones) with me. They don’t make it easier but it’s nice to have some good vibes with me.

Where’s your favourite place to ride and why?
Secret spots…………..

Who are the girls who think are pushing the sport most at the moment?

Cheryl Maas and Kjersti Buass – I like how they ride.

Tell us a secret about another pro snowboarder.
Secrets are secrets!!!!!!

Who are your sponsors at the moment?
Westbeach, SP-Bindings, Nitro, Electric, Blue Tomato.

What board are you riding at the moment and what’s it like?

I¬¥m riding the Nitro Mystique 146, I like it………

Pictures in feature by Marcel Laemmerhirt


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