Juliane Bray

brayboarderx.jpg Bate of birth: 09.10.1975

Home country: New Zealand

Recent results:
2005 1st Burton NZ Open slopestyle
7th Burton NZ Open halfpipe

2004 – 2005 World Cups
Best Half Pipe 13th
Best Boarder Cross 9th
Half Pipe Ranking 35th
Boarder Cross Ranking 20th

2004 1st NZ Burton Open halfpipe

2003 2nd NZ Burton Open halfpipe

2002 – 2004 NZ Nationals
Overall Champion
Halfpipe Champion
Boardercross Champion

1st World Cup Sapporo boardercross

2000 Heli Challenge Wanaka
1st Freeride
1st Extreme
3rd Chinese Downhill
1st Big Air

So what have you got planned for your 2005 southern hemisphere season?
I have got lots planned for the season here in Wanaka. I’ll be riding mostly at Cardrona because they are my sponsors and have a boardercross, halfpipe, and park. I have a heli day that I won last year at the Snow Park so I’m going to use that. Plus I am filming for the next ChunkyKnit production. In September I am going to Chile to compete in the World Cup and other than that I am training for the Olympics.

How much of your summer do you spend in the northern hemisphere winter?
Last summer I was in the Northern Hem for four months, but I don’t usually go for that long.

Is there much of a girl’s scene developing in New Zealand?
Yes it is strong and has been for about six years. There are woman’s freestyle and freeride camps running all season and sometimes there are more girls than boys in the competitions.

What was it like winning the Otago Sportswoman of the year award 2005? Is there a strong recognition of snowboarding as a valuable sport in NZ?


It is cool to be recognised by these guys because snowboarding has been overlooked for so long. Snowboarding is still overlooked in NZ but recognition is growing because the sport is getting more established and we are doing well on the international stage.

Where did you film for Transfer this season and what was the filming like??

We filmed in France at Les Arcs and Sainte Foy. I loved getting good shots and got to ride at some different resorts. I love exploring.

What are you most proud of in your snowboarding career so far?
Sticking with it and not getting a real job.

Which of the contests you have competed in has been the most fun?
The Rip Curl Heli Challenge – Southern Alps NZ.

Are the 2006 Olympics something you’d like to take part in?
For sure. It is a gathering of peace and I want to be a part of that.


Do you ever get the fear? If so, how do you overcome it?
Use the fear energy and turn it into strength and try to focus on the job at hand.

What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done on a snowboard???
Chinese downhill – it’s a no rules backcountry race, where the first person to the bottom wins.

What kind of training do you do off the mountain?
Yoga, interval training, strength and power, agility and trampoline.

When did you first realize you could make a career out of snowboarding?
When other women started featuring in snowboard videos I realised I was quite
close to their level and could do what they were doing. This was back in 1996.

Do you listen to tunes when you ride?
No I like to be able to hear the snow below my feet.

How do you cope with all the traveling? Do you have any essential items you?always carry with you to make it easier?
I carry books, music and a laptop, neck pillow, earplugs and an eye mask.

Do you think female riders are getting the recognition and rewards they deserve?
Now we are getting a lot more sponsorship and prize money than a few years ago. Still the boys are dominating the scene but the Dropstitch and Transfer videos are what women snowboarders need to push the sport.

Where’s your favourite place to ride in New Zealand?
The mountains around Wanaka – Cardrona, Treble Cone, and the SnowPark are my stomping ground, but my favourite place to ride is the Minaret Peaks just North of Wanaka in the Southern Alps.

What about the rest of the world?
So far France is my favourite in terms of freeriding. North America has the best parks.

Who are the girls you think are pushing the sport most at the moment?
Cheryl Maas, Victoria Jealouse and Kelly Clark.

Who are your sponsors at the moment?
Cardrona Alpine Resort, Quest Snowboard Shop Wanaka, Nikita Clothing, Burton Snowboards, Gravis, Anon, and Nixon.

I would also like to mention that Dick Shultz is one of my main sponsors. He is from the US and has been riding in NZ for the last five years. He was pretty bad at first but over the years I have watched him improve and now he rips. He wants to see me rip so he is coming to the Olympics to watch me and he is helping me get there. Being from NZ it is more difficult to go places with the sport and Dick Shultz is making it possible for me. Cool ah?

What boards are you riding at the moment and what are they like?
Burton Raven 155cm is the perfect board for almost anything and best in the pipe. Burton Custom X 160cm and T6 159cm for boardercross. The T6 is the most responsive board I have ever ridden.


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