Molly Aguirre

mollya1.jpg Nationality: American

Hometown: Mammoth Lakes, CA

Date of Birth: 9/10/1984

Contest Results
1st 2005 Vail Sessions
3rd 2004 Park City Grand Prix
2003 AST Champ at Sugarbowl
2002/2001 USASA National Champ

Burton Snowboards
Red Protection
Smith Optics
Spacecraft Clothing
US Snowboard Team

Current setup
Burton Custom X 152
Burton Escapade bindings
Burton Sapphire boots sat down, or really stood up, with Molly on a rooftop terrace in NYC during Burton’s product launch in June. In between munching on her sandwich and enoying the beautiful views and weather, Molly gave us the scoop on what went down last season and what she’s got planned for this one.

What have you been doing lately?
After Superpark, which in the middle of May, I got to go home to North Carolina, because my parents just relocated from Minnesota…my mom and my stepdad and little sister, that is. So I got to spend a week there and golf.  Then I went up to Jake Burton’s retreat and we had a roundtable for a week over on Long Island.

Lately I’ve been staying at Windells and I’m kind of like a guest coach/guest counselor there. And we had the Abominable Snow Jam, and I had a rail contest recently – the Bonfire Pipe to Pipe. Basically me and Leanne [Pelosi] were the only girls in it. But I won and it was awesome.

Photo: Jeff Curtes/Burton

What are your plans for the summer?
I’m going to take a couple of weeks off and go to Minnesota and visit my friends, and maybe back to North Carolina for a week. Then we’re off to New Zealand for a month. So that’s basically it, just doing photo shoots and training.hardcore style.

What kind of training do you do off the snow?
I go to the gym a lot. I go running. I like jumping on the trampoline.  I just learned to skate vert ramp. I’m so proud. I’m really, really a big gaper and just do it when no one’s watching. But it’s really good for your legs to pump the vert, so I’m learning to do that. And I like to go shopping, that’s training. I like to golf too. It’s like the same mental sport…golf and snowboarding, they’re a lot alike I think.

How do you like living in Mammoth?
I love it. It’s very cool, it’s very sports oriented. I snowboard, and I snowboard, and I go to the gym. I have a really great group of girlfriends in Mammoth.

I think it’s a great place if you stay focused and stay out of the party scene.  As far as that goes, I love it. I just keep myself busy and we hang out and watch movies, and snowboard all day. It’s really fun.  I really haven’t been there much РI’ve only been home like 3 weeks this whole season.

Have you read anything good lately?
I love to read. I read the new Ellen book. I love Ellen Degeneres. She cracks me up. I go onto her website almost everyday and read her daily monologue, because I don’t get to watch her show all the time. I like reading magazines a lot like Teen Vogue, and Seventeen, and Cosmo.

What kind of music do you like?
I’m so random. I go through stages. I love hip hop, I love snowboarding to hip hop. I like rap, because Mason listens to rap, and when I’m with him all the time I start to like his music. I went through this stage last fall with punk rock like Yellowcard and Taking Back Sunday, Fallout Boys and Story of the Year. I like those guys a lot. I like Green Day.  I like Blink 182.  I like some reggae… I like Tom Petty. I like so much music – your clubbing music, and your girly music like Madonna and Britney Spears.   I’m not a big country fan and I’m not a big hard rock fan.

Do you listen to music when you ride?
Totally. I usually like to listen to hip hop type music that has a good beat. I have my playlist, it’s called “Killing It In 2005” by Natasza Zurek. I was like Nat what should I name this playlist and she was like “How about Killing It in 2005” And I was like that’s it! That’s the name of it!


Molly takes Manhattan
Photo: L.Voskinarian/

What do you do to relax?
I love bubble baths. I love going to Starbucks, I love going to any type of coffee shop and sitting with my friends drinking something warm. Something about that instantly comforts me. I like going on walks.  I like watching movies. If I have a boyfriend I like to snuggle, but that’s been a while. Who doesn’t like cuddling? I’m on my computer all the time talking to my friends and checking emails.

What was your biggest accomplishment last year?
Probably winning Vail Sessions. I wasn’t even invited to that contest. We had a photo shoot in Mammoth in November, and after that I just started getting really comfortable on rails at that shoot. When Burton signed me I was really just a pipe girl, and they’d never seen me on rails or anywhere near jumps.  But I started riding rails and jumps and I developed a passion for them last season.  I sprained my ankle going into the first Grand Prix.  I couldn’t ride pipe, but rails for some reason didn’t aggravate it as much.

I did the Breck contest and won that and I asked Rene [Hansen] if there was anyway he could get me into Vail Sessions, because it’s an invite contest. And he said I don’t know if I can get you in, it’s really full, and there’s a lot of heavy hitter girls in it, and the rails are really gnarly. And I’m thinking, oh I really want to go to this. And he says I’ll do my best. 

So he got me in, and I was just stoked to be invited. And then when I won it, it was so amazing because it was my breakout rail time. And yeah it was really hard not riding halfpipe, and really emotionally stressful not being in the pipe this year. But it was really a good thing, like it was meant to be, because I found a passion for slopestyle and had accomplishments on rails that I didn’t have before.

What are your goals for next season?
To get my ass in the pipe again, and just to charge. That’s why I’ve been at Hood all summer. I want to get confident in the pipe again, and I want to come out on top in the pipe again. I’m sure everyone was like “where did Molly go in pipe?” because I seriously didn’t enter one pipe contest last season.  My goal is to get in the pipe again and be a heavy contender for the Olympics, and get in there and just go for it.

What the most fun competition?
Vail Sessions, probably, because it’s concentrated. And all the fans are right there and they have smoke, and they have a huge scoreboard and its crazy. As far as pipe goes, I’d say X Games because it’s a night contest. Any type of night contest, I love.

Who do you ride with? 
Mason. Kelly Clark and I ride together a lot, because she lives in Mammoth. I ride with Kimmy Fasani, who’s also a Burton rider. There’s a lot of girls who live in Mammoth…like Chanelle Sladics…those are my girls. A lot of the time I ride with Mason and his friends, and some of the Grenade guys. I like riding with guys, I feel like they push me more.

molly in the pipe
Photo: Jeff Curtes/Burton

What girls are pushing the sport right now?
As far as pipe goes:  Gretchen [Bleiler], Hannah [Teter],and Kelly [Clark].  Those are the top 3 girls, in my mind, that are ahead…on top of it for the Olympics.  And those are the girls that are pushing it for the past few years. For slopestyle, Leanne Pelosi, Janna Meyen, Tara Dakides…[she] is coming back strong. And there are girls just ripping it up, there are some really amazing girls out there  Рnot only riding ability but just really, really personable and friendly and just really great people to be around. And we’re all great friends, and we just push each other.

Do you think it’s easier for women to get sponsored?
No I think its way easier for men to get sponsored and the reason I say that is that it’s a male dominated sport.  There are companies out there that don’t have women on their teams or they just want one girl. 

I think women bring different aspects to snowboarding, like the lifestyle side. Not to mention any names, but there are girls out there that don’t really get into the whole girls side of it. I think that when a girl like Gretchen Bleiler sells sex in snowboarding, not that she’s really selling sex, but she’s very pretty and she did her little modeling act with FHM…and she’s very cute and in all of her ads she’s very pretty, I think that sells. And I think that’s very smart of her to dig into that cute, girly side because I think that not only men are drawn to that, women are drawn to it. Like wow this girl is beautiful and she kills it on a snowboard.

Do you think men and women will ever be at the same level talent wise?
No, but I have to say that if you look at sports like golf, and you look at soccer and basketball, the difference in the span [between men and women] for snowboarding is so much closer than in mostly any other sport.  Look at rails…most good women rail riders are doing almost the exact same tricks the guys are. 

Do you think women and men should have equal prize money?
Yeah, I do. Because I think people like watching women’s snowboarding just as much as men. If you watch pipe, people are sticking around for the women’s contests now.  We’re out there working just as hard as the men are, we’re out there training just as hard, just as long, wrecking our bodies, getting up in the morning and going out there. And you know, that’s work to us, so yeah we should. We are advertising to different markets, we are selling their products.

Where is your favorite place to ride?
I would say Mammoth, for sure.  I love Mammoth’s main park with the chair going over it, where you can wave to your friends as you go down the mountain. And it’s sunny out and slushy and it’s really progressive.

What’s your favorite thing to do in snowboarding?
I’d say rails for sure. I love pipe, but I just love rails.  I love trying tricks on rails, and trying to think of new ways to hit rails, a new way to spin onto it, and I like visualizing it.  But I love the feeling of airing out of the pipe too.

What’s your favorite trick?
I love doing cab 270 to frontside tail to 270 off. I love that trick.

Photo: Dean "Blotto" Gray/Burton

What are the 3 best things about snowboarding?
I love the freeness of it, I think that’s what drives people to the sport so much. I really like to travel, and I really like meeting people. I like to meet people like you, I like to meet other snowboarders, and share my passion. I love meeting kids and teaching them how to snowboard.

What are the 3 worst things?
Again, traveling. It‚Äôs hard for me to be away from my family. It‚Äôs hard for me to have relationships and meet any boys.¬† Injuries are always hard, there‚Äôs always something hurting with your body.¬† You‚Äôre never 100%. Like I‚Äôm feeling great…it‚Äôs always a finger or something.¬† Food, you don‚Äôt always get to have your favorite foods, your comfort foods all the time.

What do you enjoy more competing or filming?
Competing for sure. I love competing.

If you had a choice between a small part in a guys’ film or a large part in a women’s what would you pick?
I guess I’d say a small part in a guy’s film.

More people will buy it. More people will see it. More people will respect that I’m in a guys’ film. Like wow, Standard [Films] really wanted Molly Aguirre to film with them? That would be sick. I don’t want to downplay that Misschief is killing it with the girls film this year, that’s awesome, but I think all of us compare ourselves to guys. And I think guys would respect girls more for having a part in a guys’ film.

What does progression mean to you?
Progression means scaring yourself everyday. Progressing is going to the next step. Getting a Mctwist then going to a Mctwist 7. It’s scaring yourself, getting yourself to the next level, and in order to do that you’ve got to risk it.

What’s more important style or progression?
Both – I think progression is style. Style, I mean look at the girls, they’re all trying to grab their spins all the way around and in that manner it is progression.

How do you conquer fear?
I don’t know. It’s hard, it’s really hard. But I guess the thing is to know, what’s the worse thing that could happen to me – I’m not going to die. Just get over it, just drop in and do it. And that’s the best feeling, being scared, doing it anyway, landing it and getting over the fear.  That’s why I love this sport so much, it’s so rewarding.

What motivates you?
My brother. When I land a trick it motivates me to land another one and go out there and do it better. When you win a contest it motivates you to try to go win another. When you said that I had a fan club, that’s like people look up to me, I don’t even know how to describe it.  It definitely motivates me; obviously I’ve been doing something right so I better keep at it and do it better.

What’s the best snowboarding advice you’ve been given?
My dad always said that you can be whatever you want to be, so if you want to be a snowboarder then be it, and do it, and have it, and you’ll succeed. 

Photo: Jeff Curtes/Burton

Who do you look up to?
My dad. He’s not only a snowboard mentor to me, but a complete goofball and a nerd.  He’s taught me to be a nerd, because everyone is a nerd and there’s nothing to be too serious about in life. And when you get too serious step left and get out of it. And by serious, I don’t mean passionate because I am passionate. Mason motivates me. Weather definitely motivates me. If it’s sunny, I’m like I’m going out!

If you weren’t a pro snowboarder what would you be doing right now?
I’d probably be in college. I actually applied to college before I decided to go pro and that was a really tough decision, because I was always school, school, school. And I’d probably be doing a marketing program. I’ll probably be doing that when snowboarding is over.  Sometimes I feel like I’m missing out on college life and hanging out with my friends, and that’s hard but it would be hard to trade that for what I do now.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
In ten years I hope to be a mom for sure. I’m 20 now and then I’ll be 30.  Married, kids. Hopefully still working for Burton, maybe in PR or marketing. Still snowboarding, maybe still competing. Who knows? Ten years is a long time. I have that instinct that I want to be a mom, and I want to be a young mom, And that isn’t going to go away.  But people are different, look at Tricia Byrnes , she’s 30 and she’s still going at it. And that inspires me that I could still be competing when I’m 30.  But one of my big goals is to be married, and have kids and a career. Snowboarding was a big goal of mine, a couple of years ago and still now. So maybe not 10 years, maybe 15 years. I don’t know.

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