Alexis Waite

alexisportrait.jpg Age: 24
Nationality: American

Recent results:
2nd Abominable Snow Jam 2005 slopestyle
3rd Roxy Chicken Jam 2005 Europe slopestyle

Roxy, 32, Etnies, Electric, Boost Mobile, Grenade

So what have you got planned for the 2005/6 season?
I am going to be competing in the X-Games and US and European Opens and I am going to film again with Misschief Films on our new project. I make sure that whatever I am doing is fun and friends are vital in that so I’ll be traveling with my friends a bunch.

Where are you going to be based, when you’re not travelling?
In the winter and spring I am based out of Salt Lake City, UT and in the summer and fall I get to go back to my place in Portland, OR.

Who/what inspired you to start snowboarding?
I just tried it, it looked like more fun than skiing (which I did lots as a kid) and I could wear my sorels while doing it, score! Ha ha!

How long have you been riding?
Twelve years but more like eight avidly.

Who do you usually ride with?
I ride with my Misschief girls crew mostly! Erin Comstock, Leanne Pelosi, Amber Stackhouse, Pricilla Levac, Annie Boulanger, Natasza Zurek, and anyone else who can have fun up there.

What’s your idea of a perfect day on the mountain?
Fresh snow, good friends, sunshine, and awesome/steep terrain. I have fun on slushy warm spring park days too!

Any new tricks you’ll be trying to stomp this season?
Yeah! Like tons. I always try tricks but hardly stomp them… ha ha, but really I want to get my 720’s and 900’s more dialed off jumps. I want to work on switch backside spins too.

What’s the best bit of snowboarding advice you’ve been given?

Don’t think too much and pop! (jumping)

Do you ever get the fear? If do what do you do to deal with it?
Yeah I get scared every day and I just have to get through, take deep breaths and trust in my ability.

How would you describe your clothing style on the hill?
Ummm well, functional. I am not at all trying to be anything and especially not “YO-ed OUT” but I wear Roxy outerwear in an XL so my photos don’t look like I am wearing high-waters but in person, it does look pretty baggy. Whatever though! I really like big floppy beanies though. And I always put my pants over my bindings when I am strapped in.

How do you find the business side of being a pro rider? Do you have a lot of work to do off the hill dealing with sponsors, sorting travel etc?
Yes, lots of work and there is always more you can do, the job is never done. That is hard, especially when you’re not riding, like in September and October. I get some form of seasonal depression around this time of year because I do so much in regards to snowboarding and no actual riding itself and I get all burnt out on the industry and want to quit… then it snows and the stoke is renewed.

Are you involved in product development etc at all?
Yes! This part is sooo fun! Erin Comstock, Amber Stackhouse, and I all developed a brand new Roxy board we named the Ollie PoP! We did the graphics and designed a whole new construction. We made one of the very first female specific twin tip boards. Also, Roxy ended up making two coats for their 2006-07 line that I designed. I also help 32 boots out a lot with their women’s product development.

What’s been the most fun contest you’ve taken part in?
Coupe du monde lunch tray race at Titlis in Engelberg, Switzerland.

How do you think the image of women in snowboarding is changing? Do you think female riders get enough recognition?
I wouldn’t have said they did two years ago but I think the industry is paying attention to women’s riding much better now. Sponsors and magazines are treating us well right now but I think the X-Games women’s TV coverage sucks. Just being honest!

How did you get involved in As If?
My friends started it, all of us girls are friends and I was involved in the brainstorming from the beginning.

Who do you think has the best part?
I like all the parts… really I do. I think that the whole is better than the sum of the parts.

What other films are you liking this season?
I really liked most of them… I loved 91 Words For Snow, FutureProof, and the riding in Derelictica was really great!
Thanks to Jessica Dalpiaz at Roxy for the photos in this interview.

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