Laura Hadar


Age: 21

Nationality: American



Sponsors: M4, Holden, Oakley, Nikita, elm, 32, etnies, Park City, Ogio


So what have you got planned for the 2005/6 season?
Getting ready to start filming for Misschief again, do some contests like the sessions, X-gays, and the Open; and just shred as much as possible with my girl posse.

Where are you going to be based, when you’re not travelling?


Just moved in with my two favourite girls into this sweet apartment right downtown in Salt lake shitty.

Who/what inspired you to start snowboarding?
I saw this guy doing sweet little carves and started like sorta figure 8ing behind him on my skis and decided that it looked funner on the board.

How long have you been riding?

Laura and her M4 team-mates


This will be my eighth season.

Who do you usually ride with?


My girls Rosie, Izzy, C.C, Marybeth and whatever guys we are secretly lurking behind. Not! The guys love shredding with us!

What’s your idea of a perfect day on the mountain?
Get up there around nine, fresh pow lines on Millecent at Brighton, for about two or so hours, a rest with free food thanks to the cute boy in the food shack. Then main park shredding with some boys to make it interesting and get me riding harder! Lol…

Any new tricks you’ll be trying to stomp this season?
Frontside 270’s on to rails as well as cab 7s and backside 1’s in the pow pow.

What’s the best bit of snowboarding advice you’ve been given?


“It‚Äôs just snowboarding!”

Do you ever get the fear? If do what do you do to deal with it?
Yeah, who would want to live life without fear? I just try and keep it in check. You know, there are some things you should be afraid of because they are dangerous. And there are other fears that you can’t listen to because you know deep down you can do it. Why would you let fear take that away from you?

How would you describe your clothing style on the hill?
I have the best looking posse on and off hill, pretty much. Really we were just talking about this on the lift yesterday. We look good and clean. Holden Рthat’s all that needs to be said…

How do you find the business side of being a pro rider? Do you have a lot of work to do off the hill dealing with sponsors, sorting travel etc?
Yeah personally I’m not that into it – and you can ask all my sponsors. I pretty much do just enough to please ‚Äòem, just like in high school. There are lots of phone calls and emails and shit like that, but overall what the hell do I have to complain about? Nthing. I got it made!

Are you involved in product development etc at all?
Yeah. I’m all about giving my two cents. I like to know that whatever I’m riding I can try and make better, I mean what else would I be doing? Lookin pretty? Ha ha

What’s been the most fun contest you’ve taken part in?
Probably the [Vail] Sessions, because I never care about it, always do well, and it‚Äôs in Colorado so my family can come watch. Last time my mom got a VIP pass. It was like she had died and gone to heaven, she couldn’t get over the fact she got a free ticket and free beer in one day. I love it!

How do you think the image of women in snowboarding is changing? Do you think female riders get enough recognition?
Oh hell yeah. I think now more than ever, we are way more than pretty faces. We are all really charging and going for it and no-one can deny it.

How did you get involved in As If?
I’ve been friends with most the girls for a couple years and when we all started talking about it I just made sure they knew that that‚Äôs what I wanted to do.

Who do you think has the best part?

What other films are you liking this season?
Technine – Eric Messier’s part.

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