Arctic Challenge by Oakley starts on March 1

Early next week riders and media will start arriving in the Norwegian capital Oslo for the annual Arctic Challenge by Oakley.

The event is divided into two parts this year:

The first is an open quarterpipe contest being held in the Midtstuen ski-jumping arena overlooking the city. There will be open qualifiers early in the week with 12 riders going through to the final on Saturday March 4. The first rider going 10 metres over the coping (20 metres above ground level) will bring home Oakley’s Gold Time Bomb watch worth $25,000. There is $40,000 in prize money for the overall winners, best trick and highest air.

The Arctic Challenge also issues a few Golden Wonka Tickets, which give riders the chance to join Terje H?•konsen on a freeriding competition in the North of Norway.

The competition in Oslo is open for riders, media, sponsors and audience, but the freeriding competition in the Arctic is only to the winners from Midtstuen and a few wildcards. The riders will stay in one of the oldest fishing villages in Lofoten, Nusfjord, and the riders will also have the chance to check out some legendary local surf spots.

Oh and get this. The Arctic Challenge is the only sporting event in Norway serving organic food. They say they want to underline the connection between good sporting achievements and quality food, and refuse to sell fast food at their event!

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