Anne-Flore Marxer

Date of birth: January 24 1984

Nationality: Swiss

Sponsors: Burton snowboards, Oakley eyewear, DVS shoes, Bluebird wax.

Recent results:

2005: 2nd at Vans Cup Slopestyle, Northstar, CA.
2005: 2nd at Vans Cup Rail Jam, Northstar, CA.
2005: 2nd at Abominable Snowjam Quarter Pipe, Mt Hood, OR.
2005 TWS Rookie of the year
2006 filming for Ro Sham Bo the new Misschief movie

What have you been up to this summer?
I had a long winter and I decided to enjoy the summer as much as I could. I spent some time home, in Switzerland and in France with friends. As far as riding I went to Mt Hood for a week, I rode three days and decided to go on a road trip. I drove all around Oregon with a friend – it was beautiful!

I was a bit more in France and now, I’m on my way to Brazil for vacation, Chile for snowboarding and California. I’m even thinking of going to Hawai..

What have you got planned for the forthcoming season so far?
I want to ride as much powder as I can, and stay in Europe a lot. Nothing planned, no contests, filming a lot.

Pic: Adam Moran/ Burton

Any goals for this season or new tricks you want to stomp?
I need to land more! I want to be able to stomp all my tricks in powder.

How long have you been riding? Did you ski before you got on a snowboard?
My mum put me on skis when I was one year old, I couldn’t even walk yet! I was skiing a lot. I started to snowboard when I was 14 and kept skiing as well for another three years – I still ski for Christmas!

If you could take your favourite people anywhere to ride for a day, who would
you take and where would you go?
I would take my brother, my friend Vanessa Andrieux who is snowboard photographer, Marie-France Roy who I filmed with last season, Marie Martino and Virginie Faivre my skier friends. I’d take them to Samoens to show them the spot!

Which mountain in the world do you think has the best set up?
The Alps

Do you do any training/exercise off the mountain to keep in shape?
No, I’m too lazy.

Can we see you on film in any of the forthcoming movies? What can we expect to see? When you’re working on a film, do you get much of a say in what footage and music is used?
You can see my part in Ro Sham Bo the new Misschief movie. Most of it is filmed in the backcountry. I didn’t have too much input in editing my part cause I wasn’t there, but I got to say if I liked the song..

Pic: Adam Moran / Burton

What’s the best piece of snowboarding advice you’ve been given?

Go straight!

Do you ever get the fear and if you do, how do you deal with it?
I hardly get scared. If I am I don’t ride. If its too late to back up, I go for it anyway… and afterwards I cry.

What things do you make sure you have with you on your travels to make life that little bit easier?
A small phone book and a calling card.

How do you find the business side of being a pro rider? Do you have a lot of work to do off the hill dealing with sponsors, sorting travel etc?
Yes a lot of work, more then I could imagine, not hard to do but it takes a lot of time. Snowboarding is the best part.

Do you get involved in product development with your sponsors? If so what have you worked on and do they listen to what you tell them?
Burton is a rider driven company, we have meetings about everything – boards, boots, bindings, outerwear, backpacks, street wear etc – we work as a team from the sketches to the last prototypes. It’s a great experience to be part of the process!

I also have my pro model board the GTwin 156 – it’s very exciting to work on that.

Pic: Adam Moran / Burton

The ride, the shape, the graphics. At the end the board is exactly as I want!

What’s been the most fun contest you’ve taken part in?
Nothing comes to my mind.. I feel very stressed during contests and I don’t enjoy them so much.

Do you listen to tunes when you ride? Are there any tunes you think really
help you get pumped up to hit something scary?
Not when I ride, I like to stay in touch with the environment, talk with people who ride with me. With Marie-France, we sing together instead!

How do you think the image of women in snowboarding is changing? Do you think female riders get enough recognition?
That’s a hard question. I don’t really feel like arguing about it, I think it gets better and better – hopefully it will get even better!

What fashion advice would you give someone wanting to look good on the mountain this winter?
Flash pink lip gloss is so hot right now!

It looks like pretty much all pro riders are on myspace these days (hell
it seems like everyone in the whole world is!) – have you acquired any creepy fanboys yet?
Nothing creepy yet, I keep it kind of personal still. Hard to find me if you don’t know me or my friends.. and I’m not Paris Hilton either!

Anyone else you want to say hi to?
Yeah! My friend Mathieu Tourneur, he lives in London – super cool guy! He
gave me skateboard for Christmas and now I’m learning!

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