Silvia Mittermuller

Pic Christian Brecheis
Nationality: German
Date of Birth: 08/08/1983
Sponsors: Oakley, Santa Cruz, Vans, Rationpharm, SP, Elm, Grenade

2006 1st Powow Rail Battle, Augsburg, Germany
2006 Abominable Snowjam, Best Trick
2005 2nd place Gravity Games-Slopestyle,
2005 2nd Place Winter X-Games-Slopestyle,
2005 4th Place Vans Cup – Slopestyle,
2005 4th Place Roxy Chicken Jam
2004 1st Kaunertal Slopestyle
2004 12th X-Games – Halfpipe
2004 4th Tahoe Triple Crown
2003 Vice Junior World Champion – Halfpipe

What have you been up to this summer? Any glacier riding?
Yes I spent about a month up at the Camp of Champions in Whistler – sooo much fun and I saw real bears too!What have you got planned for the forthcoming season so far?
I will be homebased out of Breckenridge, Colorado and so far I plan to do contests like the Chicken Jam, X-Games ,Vans Cup, European and US Open. Besides that I will film with isenseven and Misschief I hope.

Any goals for this season or new tricks you want to stomp?
Hmm. In general I’m happy about anything new I learn but specifically I’d be
stoked to get a frontside nine on video and get safe with switch backside sevens.

How long have you been riding? Did you ski before you got on a snowboard?
I have been snowboarding since 97 – so almost 10 years! Before I started

Pic: Christian Brecheis

snowboarding I skied a tiny little bit – at the age of four in the parks in Munich city. That means little hills where it takes five seconds to go from the top to the bottom. I had skis that you put on with straps over your shoes. So yes my skiing experiences were really extreme!

If you could take your favourite people anywhere to ride for a day, who would you take and where would you go?
I’d take everyone who has ever been a part of isenseven, move back four years in time and then ride the Zugspitze when we still loved it there. Maybe at Gap summercamp Рthose were good times.

Which mountain in the world do you think has the best set up?
Breckenridge, colorado!! Five parks and four pipes and everything is perfectly
shaped everyday. I love that place. I think it’s the best in the world.

Onboard say you’re the first girl to land a frontside nine – is that true and how are your nines these days?
Yes, but it was more an accident when it first worked out. This spring when I
tried to get one on video but wasn’t lucky. It’s not easy to find a good sized jump that you still feel comfortable on. I also tried one in my X- Games qualification run last year but sat down. I guess I’m not done with that trick yet.

Do you do any training/exercise off the mountain to keep in shape?
Yes I go to the gym pretty often РI don’t want to get hurt as soon as I crash harder and I also want to be able to walk when I’m old! But in general I do a lot of sports for fun Рswimming, surfing the river wave in Munich and mountain biking for example. I like to be active and it’s good for you too.

Pic: Christian Brecheis

What’s the worst injury you’ve had snowboarding?

I once knocked myself out for 20 minutes , that was really gnarly. I think losing some memory is scarier than broken bones.

You’ve mentioned before that you’re interested in becoming a doctor one day. Is that still the case?
Yes I would like to study medicine at some point. Snowboarding is really
awesome but honestly , there’s so much more in life to experience and do!

Can we see you on film in any of the forthcoming movies? What can we
expect to see? When you’re working on a film, do you get much of a say in what footage and music is used?

I have was filming with isenseven and Misschief last season. I will have a bunch of shots in both movies. For the isenseven movie I was able to select my tricks and have input on the music choices, it’s so nice to have that opportunity. In Misschief I couldn’t say too much because it’s such a big project with so many people that not everyone can say what they want.

What’s the best piece of snowboarding advice you’ve been given?
Mike (Casanova, my boyfriend) once told me if I learn a trick I should right away learn it switch as well Рbecause when you learn something new it feels weird anyways so switch won’t feel too much worse either. That was really good advice I think. You learn two tricks instead of one. I have benefited from that over the last season.

Do you ever get the fear and if you do, how do you deal with it?
If it happens I either say “no” or I turn my music louder, tell myself that I can do it and go for it. In snowboarding there‚Äôs only “yes” or “no” – “maybe” doesn‚Äôt work or may hurt you.

What things do you make sure you have with you on your travels to make life that little bit easier?
An electricity adapter, a microphone to use Skype (internet telephone, cheap to call anywhere no matter where you are), travel socks and an extra battery for my notebook. Hmm and some food from home – no other country can make as
good bread as Germany!!!

Pic: Christian Brecheis

How do you find the business side of being a pro rider? Do you have a lot of work to do off the hill dealing with sponsors, sorting travel etc?
Yes there’s more to do than some people probably think. Still, it’s absolutely do-able. I also have an agent who helps me with my contracts. That for sure helps. After a while, booking flights and organizing trips isn’t too hard any more.

Do you get involved in product development with your sponsors? If so what have you worked on and do they listen to what you tell them?
Yes I’m involved with the development of most of the stuff that I use. I have my own snowboard with Santa Cruz that is built in a way that I like and also carries my design. With all the other stuff Рclothes, bindings, goggles, boots РI try different prototypes and then give my sponsors input on what’s good or not so good and they take it into consideration. I’m pretty happy how things work in that way right now.

What’s been the most fun contest you’ve taken part in?
I really like the Chicken Jam events. Normally you have a ton of time to practice and the set up is not too gnarly. In superfinals you have a real jam session with sled rides. It’s pretty much the perfect contest in my opinion. Last year I hurt myself there, that was not so fun.

Do you listen to tunes when you ride? Are there any tunes you think really
help you get pumped up to hit something scary?
Oh yes I listen to music most of the time when I ride. And it also lets me forget that I may be scared. I wouldn’t mention a single specific song, every couple weeks I like something different. It just needs to be loud when I’m scared.

How do you think the image of women in snowboarding is changing? Do you think female riders get enough recognition?
I think it definitely gets better with the level of women’s snowboarding rising. Women get the same prize money as guys at some events and we also have women-only comps like there’s guys-only comps , as well. I think everything is going the right way and with how it is in the moment I wouldn’t complain!

What fashion advice would you give someone wanting to look good on the
mountain this winter?

Hmm… I heard euro-gaps are really hot for the new season and even better – a Euro-gap sunburn! Aiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!

Anyone you want to say hi to?
Everyone who would like to exchange a smile for it!!!!!!

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