Marie-France Roy

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Date of Birth: 17/04/84

Nationality: Canadian

Sponsors: Rome, Oakley, Red Bull, Solo Mobile, Thirty-Two, Etnies, Whistler-Blackcomb, Empire

Recent contest results:

2004: Best trick Us Open Rail Jam


2005: 4th Us Open rail Jam


2005: 1st Best Trick, Abominable Snowjam – Slopestyle


2005: 1st Nikita showdown slope style,


2006 3rd Rail Session, Honda Session, Vail

What did you get up to in the summer? Any glacier riding?
I was coaching up in Whistler at Camp of Champions so that was really fun. The campers were so pumped and the weather was really good most of the time. Definitely hope to do that again next year.

What have you got planned for the forthcoming season so far?
I will probably snowboard a lot, go to the main contests such as the X-Games, US

Pic: Oli Gagnon

Open etc and will hopefully get to go to some of the most awesome destinations for filming. Besides that, I want to start an ant farm, get a new yukul?©l?© since my roomates broke it on my head and I really want to learn how to make cheesecake.

Where are you going to be based, when you’re not travelling?
In the beautiful meadows of Whistler, where the crystal creeks flow into enchanted lakes where all the animals sing together beautiful songs.

Any goals for this season or new tricks you want to stomp?
Ooh I’ve got so many goals this year as usual. I want to stomp mad flying squirrels
maneuvers, I want to get more consistent and I want to new nollie over 20 people laying down.

How long have you been riding? Did you ski before you got on a snowboard?
One day, God gave my Dad an idea to buy my brothers and I a seasons pass at the local mountain back in Qu?©bec. That was 11 years ago. Then I skied for one day but I figured out pretty quick that I would have way more friends if I snowboarded. So I got on a snowboard the next day.


Pic: Oli Gagnon

you could take your favourite people anywhere to ride for a day, who would you take and where would you go?

It would be somewhere with the longest untouched natural pillow lines with a chairlift to ourselves. I would probably bring all my best friend from home and Whistler, my brothers and my dad, Andr?©, my skier roomates, Anne-Flore(Marxer), Hadar (Laura), BeVy(Vuillemier), Nat(Zurek) and so many more… And there would be animals playing the best melodies, it would be snowing the biggest flakes ever but it would be sunny at the same time and there would be the best food feast at the bottom with a big fire with leprechauns and unicorns everywhere. Waaahhoooooa!

Which mountain in the world do you think has the best set up?
I haven’t been everywhere but Whistler is pretty much more a lot really cool sweet duper than super such as orgasmical sensations ya know.

Do you do any training/exercise off the mountain to keep in shape?
I lift my horseses with one hand, I run in the dirt pulling Rocky sitting on his snowracer and I eat a lot of grass and raw potatoes everyday.

Can we see you on film in any of the forthcoming movies? What can we expect to see?
In the Misschief marvellous production Ro Sham Bo. Really awesome movie. It will change your life!

What’s the best piece of snowboarding advice you’ve been given?

Pic: Oli Gagnon


Let’er buck!

Do you ever get the fear and if you do, how do you deal with it?
Oh yeah ! And when I do I just imagine myself without a brain or I simply put a beautiful song in my head as if it was a dream. People don’t really get hurt in dreams.

How do you find the business side of being a pro rider? Do you have a lot of work to do off the hill dealing with sponsors, sorting travel etc?
It’s not that bad at all. I’m not a big timer!

Do you get involved in product development with your sponsors? If so what have you worked on and do they listen to what you tell them?
Rome has always listened to their riders a lot. They constantly ask for feedback or opinions and suggestions on every product. Board, bindings, clothes, etc.

What do you think the best invention or development in snowboarding has been over the past few years?

What’s been the most fun contest you’ve taken part in?
Hard to say, I really like Superpark even if it’s not a contest.

How did you enjoy your trip to London and the Red Bull Rail Storm last year?
That was unreal! There was such a big crowd, the event was really fun, and the partying was crazy too !

Do you listen to tunes when you ride? Are there any tunes you think really help you get pumped up to hit something scary?
Sometimes, but if I don’t have my iPod then I just make sure I have a good song in my head and sing it all day. It definitely puts you in the mood. Lately me and my friends have been listening to a lot of old French songs hits. It’s simply amazing.

How do you think the image of women in snowboarding is changing? Do you think female riders get enough recognition?
It’s a lot better but I still think that most guys still don’t care and I totally understand. But there is still a women’s market that doesn’t care and that is just as big so I think we deserve that improvement.

What fashion advice would you give someone wanting to look good on the
mountain this winter?

Shake it like Shakira.

Anyone else you want to say hi to?
Hi to anybody who’s reading this !

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