Lisa Filzmoser

Date of Birth: 08/08/1981

Nationality: Austrian
Where are you right now?
In Innsbruck, Austria

What have you got planned for this season? Any fun trips? What contests are you hoping to do?
I wanna do some filming and some fun contests like the Chicken Jams and some other TTR contests.

Have you had to deal with Europe’s bad start to the season anywhere?
Yes it is kind of sad, but I am escaping to the states tomorrow…. To those lucky bastards! 😉

Have you got any goals for this season? Any new tricks you want to stomp?
Sure, i want to improve my riding and learn some new tricks and I hope to get some film coverage.

Who are your favourite/most inspiring people to ride with?
My favourite people are my friends to ride with, that is for sure the most fun, and when there is some powder and kicker involved that makes it even better. And a lot of other riders inspire me, when I see them in movies or at contests.

Do you find it difficult fitting everything in – trips, contests, sponsor work?
I can’t complain, I love it and I like to do all of that. Sure it can get stressful or too much but I feel really lucky.

The girls sponsored by Nikita get really involved in the shoots for their products – are those shoots fun to do?
Yes Nikita is awesome, the people, their work. The shoots are cool, you get to see some nice places and get to know some other girls and eat some good food but for sure you also do your work which consists of a lot of waiting around and getting make up and create some pictures. I like it!

You recently picked up some new sponsors – who are they and how are you getting on with your new teams and gear?
Since autumn 2005 I have been with Elan and Helly Hansen. I am happy and it is great to work with them. Elanchicas is a rider driven community and offers great gear for girls. I am with my good friend Conny Bleicher and Canadian Dominique Vallee in the team. Check out for pics, videos, our blogs and you can also join the community.

Helly Hansen has just the best quality and great new styles. There is a big team working hard to make the best clothing and big ups for our supergood team manager Mike. Check out our team at

What board are you riding this season and what do you like about it?
I am riding the Trinity 154, directional twin. This is the lightest board for girls and supergood for freestyle, park, rails or powder, doesn’t really matter. It is easy to do your tricks with it and it has a fast base – which I find very important. The graphic is designed by two Slovenian girls and is supersick. Check out the bunny on the base. I love it.


We loved your Banana tree section in the girl’s snowboard movie Last Winter. Does everyone have the same turbulent relationship with it?
Haha, thanks! Well when I first saw the film I was hiding and did not want to her what what I was saying, but hopefully that is just because me seeing myself and talking… Haha

Oh yes the first time we filmed it Jenny Jones with me. I asked her and I think she has the same relationship. Actually it looks easy, but it is a bitch. Then if you stick it, it is just feels like the easiest thing.

Have you decided how you’re going to contribute to the Float film this year? Can you tell us anything about how your part might shape up?
I might do some trips with them and I hope they are going to make an interesting movie.

How are the Kit-Girls doing? Have you got any more movie projects with them lined up?
I really hope we manage to do another movie and go filming together. Hit our webpage and leave us a comment 😉

Do you ever get behind the camera yourself?
I like to film my friends and shoot pictures myself, it totally satisfies me but right now I enjoy riding in front of the camera more!

Do you ever find that filmers and photographers want different things when yo’re on a trip or a shoot? Is that ever a problem?
Most of them are really cool people but when someone is stressing, then I don’t enjoy it that much. It is about the work you do together, but if someone wants you to do just what he thinks and not what you want, then it doesn’t work.

Do you do any kind of exercise off the mountain to keep fit?
Yes I love to go surfing in the summer and sometimes hit the gym to keep myself in shape.


Do you try to eat healthily?
That is easy for me because I enjoy all the healthy food.

Do you get many days where you can just hit the mountain with your friends and play? If you do, where are your favourite places to ride on those days?
I had some nice days at the Hintertux glacier this autumn with my friends and I hope to get some more this year with some powder in Austria. That would be nice!

If you checked your laptop or iPod to see which tunes have been played the most, what do you think they would be?
Right now… Juliette & the Licks, The Sounds, Gnarls Barkley, Kate Bush, The Kooks and Israel Vibration.

And finally a quickfire multiple choice round…

PC or Apple Mac? mac

Dogs or cats? My cat Eddie and my favourite dogs are Huskys

Perfect park or perfect powder? Pow pow

Mitts or gloves? Actually mitts, but I use more gloves

1970s or 1980s? Both

Full-fat Coke or Diet Coke? Coke

Skinny jeans or baggy jeans? Keep it tight!

Gold or silver? Both

Chocolate or crisps? Chocolate

Red wine or white wine? I can drink more white wine, but a really good red one for dinner….mhhh!

Look out for Lisa in the all-girl snowboard movie Float – distributed worldwide in Autumn 2007 –

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