Abby Lockhart

Age: 24Home country: New Zealand


All pictures by Anna Barry –


Recent results:

1st Electric Quarterpipe Battle, Snow Park, NZ,
5th Burton NZ Open Slopestyle, Snow Park, NZ

1st Stolichnaya Expression Session, Coronet Peak, NZ
1st Option 4FRNT Quarterpipe Battle, Snow Park NZ
2nd Parklife Invitational, Queenstown NZ
5th NZ Open Slopestyle
6th Billabong Slopestyle Jam




Where did you start snowboarding?

I started at Whakapapa, Mt Ruapehu, NZ.

How has the season been for you in NZ this year?
I had a really fun season, not many powder days though!

You live in Lake Wanaka and spend quite a bit of time up at Snow Park NZ, but do you have any other favourite spots to ride?
Yes, Treble Cone NZ and Japan – best pow in the world so far for me!

Snow Park NZ attracts a lot of international pros, does this help push the level of your riding?
Yes it totally does, we Kiwis are so lucky to be able to ride with some of the best in the world!

You spent some time in Japan during last Northern Hemisphere Winter, with your boyfriend Will Jackways – also a snowboarder. How did that go? Was it your first time out there?
It was and is amazing! It wasn’t my first time though, it was my third and I will be back there again for sure. Will and I love snowboarding and travelling together, we are always helping each other out with filming etc!

Japan is a dream destination for many a snowboarder…any top tips or sweet stashes that you can pass on?
Get yourself a Japan Lonely Planet guidebook and also get some Japanese Yen or travellers cheques. That is a must as it is quite hard getting cash over there.

Any other favourite travel destinations or countries you would love to travel to?
I would love to visit Chile, also Europe and so many more places!

Whilst in Japan, you spent some time on a girls trip with Aussie riders Emily Thomas, Courtney Phillippson and fellow kiwi Hayley Holt. How did that compare to riding with the guys?
It was a great experience doing an all girls trip; it makes you learn a lot about female snowboarding and how we are a lot different to the boys. I totally respect all the girls on the trip and can’t wait to ride with them again!


Emily recently seriously injured herself and made the decision to slow down and take a step back from serious competition etc. Do you think about injury much and what you might do if you were not able to ride anymore?

I try not to think about injury ever, I take each day as it comes! If I was to get hurt, oh well that’s life and I would deal with it. I just live everyday to its fullest and enjoy. I’m so sorry to hear of Emily’s accident, she is a strong girl though and will come out smiling always.

You have had some great competition results in the last year or so, do you enjoy the comp scene?
Yes I do enjoy competitions, I just don’t like the ‘scene’, however it’s a good way to push my riding!

You had great section in the High Life DVD which came free with NZ Snowboarder magazine how did you get involved with that?
Will and I really enjoy filming each other riding and our buddy Regan Low hooked us up with a good camera this year which made things much easier. Our mate Sam Britten was the producer of the DVD and I have to thank him. He did a great job there!

Is filming something you want to do more of, and any interest in getting involved in a girls only film?
I would love to get the chance to be involved in an all girls film. I dream to have a part in one of the Runway films!

Would you class yourself as a full time ‘pro’ snowboarder now or do you still have to work to fund the season and any trips overseas?
Definitely not a full time pro! I work super hard to do what I do and my sponsors are great but sadly our industry is too small to be paid full time. Although some may call me a Kiwi pro?

How do find the NZ industry support?
Ok, for the size of our market my sponsors do all they can, they are awesome.

Any other interests outside of snowboarding, did I read you are also a keen skateboarder?
Yes, I am. I also enjoy tennis, hiking, mountain biking, horse riding, swimming all things adventurous.


What do you see as your greatest accomplishments so far?

Being happy with life, love, travelling, and being myself.

What does the next couple of years hold for Abby Lockhart? Any big plans or take it as it comes?
More travels, more powder, more filming, more competing and most importantly more good times!

I live in NZ for our winter working at Snowpark NZ coaching at the girls’ freestyle camps. After our season is over, I work labouring to save for the northern hemisphere season.

When I travel I don’t work and so far that has been working out great so I plan to keep it up!

Anyone you want to thank…sponsors etc?

I would like to give a huge thanks to Peter at Ride Snowboards, Scott and Leanne @ Electric Eyewear, Sunny and Christine @ Lola& Evie Outer and street wear. Sam and Clair @ Snow Park NZ, Deano and Hayley @ Chop, Jason @ Pow Gloves and Leedom, Sam and Batty@ DVS shoes, Lee @ EESA, Kazu and Laurie @ Quest Wanaka, Jeff @ supreme bean coffee!!!

Thanks so much guys you are all awesome and couldn’t do without you. Thanks!!!

Also thanks to Will for everything your the best! Mum and Dad and all my family!




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