Torah Bright


Nationality: Australian

Date of Birth: 27/12/1986

TTR World Snowbard Tour Champion
X-Games Superpipe Gold
Global Open Tour Champion
1st Nippon Open, Japan

1st, US Open halfpipe, Vermont
1st, World Superpipe, Park City, UT
1st, Vans Cup, Tahoe, CA

1st, Arctic Challenge, Norway
2nd, US Open, Vermont
1st, Nippon Open, Japan
3rd, FIS World Cup, Italy
3rd, Roxy Chicken Jam slopestyle, Park City UT

1st, FIS World Cup, Italy
2nd, World Cup, Whistler
3rd, FIS World Cup, Japan
2nd, Roxy Pro, France


You started riding Roxy hard goods at the start of this year. Tell us your set up for this year and what do you like about it.

I ride the Envy 152, with the team boot and binding. The thing I like most about my new set up is how fun and easy it is to ride.

It is perfect for the park and pipe and great for the powder days too. I’ve noticed a difference in my snowboarding since riding with women specific hard goods!


Loads of readers loved your bling Roxy signature goggles you were wearing at the winter Olympics in Italy – in fact people were posting on our forum the same day as the competition asking where they could get hold of them! Are you involved in creating any more products for Roxy at all?

I love then too! Yes Roxy has been heavily involved in the development of the goggle. I have got another pro model goggle coming out this year, which I love as well. Still carrying over the diamonds but adding some femininity with the glamour.

What’s your mountain fashion look this season? Anything you’re going for in particular?

I love pretty stuff, I like to be a girl so I like to look like one too. I have signature Roxy outerwear coming out in 08/09 which is very pretty and luxurious. My whole is idea is to bring femininity and glamour to snowboarding fashion.

You’re still doing consistently well in both halfpipe and slopestyle events ‚Äì do you prepare for these in the same way or do you plan your runs in advance more for one than the other?

No it is the same for both events. I know what I can do, so it is just a matter of figuring out in what order to do the tricks.

Do you prefer competing in one or the other?

I love both events, and I think both help each other.

Have you ever felt under any pressure to concentrate on one or the other?

Before the Olympics I focused on the pipe a lot, just because I wanted to be prepared for the Olympics with a good run, but now that is done I am happy to be getting back into slopestyle.

Do you get a chance to go back home to Australia’s mountains much?

I spend about one month a year in Australia. I love it, I have so much fun riding there!

You were pretty young when you started on the competition circuit. Have you found a littler easier or more different on the road as you get older?

I think it has become harder in some ways and easier in others. It gets harder being away from my friends and family in Australia, but easier in the sense that I am older and am self sufficient.

When we last spoke to you, you were completing your schoolwork by correspondence course – are you still doing that or did you manage to get it all completed? Must have been tough!

I finished high school two years ago now. It was so hard, but worth it. I think I am about ready to start studying some thing else soon. Don’t know what yet, something to keep the mind working.


Do you get much recognition in Australia outside the snowboarding scene?

Yes. Just lately I have had a lot of recognition. Since the Olympics Australia has been taking a good amount of interest in snowboarding.

Have you been asked to open any supermarkets yet or anything else equally random?

Haha… No nothing like that!

Are perceptions of Australian snowboarders changing with you and others becoming so high profile in recent years or are some people still shocked to find out your country is producing some fantastic riders?

Yes, I think people still find it odd that snowboarders are coming from Australia of all places.

Do you get a chance to base yourself anywhere specific during the winter or are you on the road all the time?

I base myself in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have called Salt Lake my second home for the past five years.

We read in another interview that you’ve made a decision not to drink alcohol. Will that still stand when you turn 21 this December?

Yes, my decision was still the same when I turned 18 in Australia.

Your decision doesn’t stop you going out to have fun though I guess?

No not at all, I love to go out and dance with my friends.

Do you do any specific exercise or fitness activities to help you stay fit for the snow?

Just the odd time I surf, and I do a little bit of strength work when I can.

Do you ever get the fear? If you do, what do you do to deal with it?

I have fear sometimes… and I think it is a good thing because it makes me think twice about that I am doing and whether it is the right time to be doing it. But when I weigh the situation up and see it is ok, I have to just block it out and go for it and hope for the best.

Do you ever ride with tunes? If so what are the best tunes to get you motivated?

No I never ride with music… I have tried and it is too much of a distraction for me.

We noticed that there’s a Torah Bright website under construction at the moment ‚Äì who’s doing that for you and when will it be live? What will the site have on it?

My website is under construction, we are hoping to have it up by the beginning of next year. On the website you will be able to follow be through out the winter with the events and the photo shoots, with blogs, stories and updates on everything… lots of other features as well, I hope it will be a lot of fun.

What are you most looking forward to this season?

The Roxy Chicken Jams. There is one in Europe and one in the US. These events are the ones I most look forward to. Fun parks and pipes with the best female snowboarders!

Any new tricks you want to add to your trick bag this season?

So many, I am always trying to learn new trick… we’ll just have to wait and see what comes next.

Are you doing any filming this year?

Filming has always been hard for me to fit in with all the contests, but it is a goal of mine to film so I’ll see how it works out.

Where can we see you in action this season ‚Äì we know you’re in some of the Roxy podcasts coming out every week but can we see you in action in any other films or programmes this year?

Roxy has a team video coming out called Labor of Love, I have only a few shots because of the heavy contest schedule. The other team girls have some great riding and it is loads of fun to watch!

Have you ever fancied getting behind a camera yourself or getting involved in the media side of things?

No I am not very good with the tech stuff!

Away from the mountains, what do you to chill out or have fun?

Surfing, hanging with my friends and family, karaoke… and the list could go on!

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