More Airline Baggage Fees

Airline travel might get even more expensive this winter.¬† A few months ago most airlines adopted a new policy charging around $25 to check a second bag. That’s each way so add $50 to your trip. Now American Airlines has announced they will charge $15 for the first checked bag – each way.¬† This means those already full overhead compartments are going to be even more stuffed¬† and boarding is going to be a nightmare.

What’s worse is that there’s no way that you can carry on a snowboard bag so basically we’re screwed.¬† Airfares are already significantly higher so adding fees may put long distance snowboarding trips out of reach financially. So far no other airlines have followed suit, and if no one does then it’s likely American will have to drop this initiative.

Read the USA Today Story or American Airlines’ Announcement

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