Powder Shopper: Making Outfits with 686

When I was a kid I used to have these fashion templates. It was an assortment of different tops and bottoms. You would pick one of each then put them together in the holder. Then you put a paper over it and rubbed it with a crayon and you got the outlines of an outfit you could color in. It was awesome.

So that might explain why I had so much fun playing on 686’s new website. They have this amazing Styleselector tool.  As you browse their outerwear collection you can add jackets and pants to your Styleselector. Then you go to the Styleselector and put your picks together to make outfits.  If you don’t like the color of a jacket, you can pick another. If you don’t like what you’ve got you can easily pick something else from their entire line.

Once you’ve finally decided on the perfect outfit, you select your size and click buy now and a list of online retailers who have it in stock will pop up. Sites like this seriously enable my shopping edition.

The only thing missing for me is the ability to export an image of my outfit. I can’t be the only one who has iChat gear picking sessions and this would save me time photoshopping outfits together.  For people who are less outerwear crazy than me, it would be a good way to remember what you want or send out subtle hints around Christmas time or post to your Powderroom blog!

Check 686’s site out at http://www.686.com

Happy Shopping!



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