B4BC’s seven steps to stomp out breast cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and the shops are full of lovely pink goodies to help you support awareness, research and support programmes.

Brands you might find in your local snowboard store which have products supporting the cause include Billabong, Burton, CCS Girls, Circa, DVS Shoe Co., Element, Enjoi, Etnies, Hurley, Paul Frank, Volcom, Von Zipper, and Zoo York.

Many of these are supporting Boarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC), the non-profit, youth-focussed education, awareness and fundraising foundation.

Check out their website at www.b4bc.org for lots of info on to perform self exams, find out when and where B4BC events are taking place and how to get involved with the organisation.

Also check out the B4BC campaign to stomp out breast cancer with these seven steps:

1.    Check Yourself
Perform monthly breast self exams. Report any changes to your doctor and schedule annual exams.

2.    Be Active
Surf. Skate. Snowboard. Dance. Do what you love!

3.    Eat Your Greens
       Grub up on fruits and vegetables that contain high fibre, anti-oxidants and other nutrients that help fight disease. Go organic!
4.    Live Green
Ride your bike, use eco-friendly products, recycle. A healthier earth = a healthier you.

5.    Don’t Smoke
Quit if you do.

6.    Limit Alcohol Intake
Take it easy on the sauce and get more fresh tracks and early morning waves.

7. Love Yourself
Activate these steps in your lifestyle and remember – early detection + active lifestyle = best prevention.

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