2009 Outerwear Trend Report: What’s New

In this first Outerwear Trend Report we’ll take a look at what new brands and lines are on the scene for the 2008/2009 Season. Stay tuned as this series will continue with new installments bringing you all the trends for this season.

The North Face

The North Face certainly isn’t new to the outerwear market, but they have introduced a new line that a lot of snowboarders will be happy about.  The North Face has always had very technical gear, but sometimes the styling wasn’t quite up to par. Enter their new Ride line. This line has new fits, prints, and colors that you’ll love and all those technical features you’d expect from The North Face. 



The White Collection

Shaun White’s snowboarding empire expands once again, as Burton introduces The White Collection for Women.  This line has slim fits, lots of plaids and juniors sizing.


 686 Plexus

686 is debuting their new teched out Plexus line. It’s lightweight, minimalist and ridiculously functional with 3L fabrics and BOA closures.



It seems like every year Rome expands it’s business a little more, and now they’re bringing us their first outerwear collection. The line consists of  three jackets and two pants with styling that fits right into the Rome brand.


Bliss by Level Gloves

If you are besieged by cold hands, you’ll be happy to know that Level gloves has introduced their Bliss line.  Gore-tex and Primaloft insulation make these gloves warm and waterproof and back up Bliss’s mantra:  "Warmer for Women".  Gretchen Bleiler also has a few signature pieces in their line.


Nike Snowboarding

 In addition to their new boots, Nike has also released a small collection of outerwear.



After a fews years hiatus, Monix is making a comeback this year. Their line is very diverse – from classic outerwear styles to trends straight from the runway.

2 Responses to “2009 Outerwear Trend Report: What’s New”

  1. lucie

    I’m enjoying the Rome collection – very sensible of them to keep it tight and see how it goes.

  2. gabbyr

    I like the looks of Rome’s outerwear. Those purple pants are excellent, I will be very tempted to get some once I can find them on sale somewhere!

    Nike on the other hand. Ew. I think their outerwear is hideous. And I seriously question their idea to branch out into snowboarding on many levels..