Ride 24/7 with rudechalets’ Shaun White hook-up

Snowboarding gets under your skin, right? 

It’s like a (very pleasant) addiction that needs to be fed.

Well, thanks to rudechalets’ hook-up with Ubisoft, riding can be a 24-7 activity for their visitors this season. 

 The hotly-anticipated Shaun White Snowboarding game arrives on November 14.

With rudechalets’ properties already pimped to the max with hot tubs, table football, wifi and 42” plasma screens – this new Xbox 360 release will provide yet another thing to play with. 

 But before we get into the virtual riding, there’s some exciting news from the rudechalets’ team on the real thing. 

 This season, their flagship chalet in Morzine-Avoriaz will boast a Burton Snowboard Test Centre – featuring brand new kit, including the latest ICS/EST* binding technology

 And with four parks in the area – including Europe’s first eco snowboard park the Burton Stash – you’re blessed with terrain to put the kit through its paces, with rudechalets also hooking you up with sponsored riders to get you charging like a pro. 

 But back to Shaun White.  

You can choose how, where (there are 16 resorts in four continents) and with whom (a max of 15 can play) you want to ride.

You even get to pick an outfit. Then you can cruise in your virtual world until your heart’s content. 

 It adds up to an all-day all-night riding extravaganza. 

The hardest bit is going to be remembering to get some sleep, but isn’t that what boarding holidays are all about? 

More info at www.rudechalets.com

*See our rudegirls snowboarding camp review later in the season

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