How to avoid credit card fraud on your snow trip this winter

We’re all pretty conscious about protecting our new snowboards when we’re on our snow trips – but we’re not always so careful about our cash and credit cards.

Research from CPP shows that popular snow destinations such as France (13%) and the USA (10%) are the second and third in the top spots where Brits fall victim to card fraud (Spain is top).

The study also shows that 84% of Brits are concerned about fraudulent activity when using their cards abroad. However one in seven hides their cash and cards in their room instead of putting them in the hotel safe and one in four do not double check their receipts against  their card statements when they get home.

"Card fraud abroad is a growing problem and we urge Brits to be particularly vigilant when they travel abroad this winter,” says CPP’s fraud expert Kerry D’Souza.

“When on holiday, people can be less aware of their belongings and more prone to card fraud and mugging scams. We are encouraging people to contact their banks before travelling, to keep their valuables out of sight once abroad, and to be especially careful when they use their credit and debit cards."

CPP’s top tips to reduce the chances of falling victim to card fraud abroad – wherever you’re from and wherever you’re going:

1.      Don’t carry multiple debit/credit cards in a wallet

2.      Don’t leave belongings unattended at any time

3.      Don’t hang your bag on the back of a chair

4.      Don’t carry debit/credit cards loose in a bag or pocket

5.      Tell your bank you’re going to be away

6.      Take note of all your card details

7.      Don’t let a waiter /shop assistant take your debit/credit card out of sight

8.      Check your receipts against your statements when you get home

9.      Don’t let someone else take money out on your behalf

10.    Use a safe rather than leaving your debit/credit cards in a hotel room

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