Elena Hight

Nationality: American

Date of birth: 17/08/1989

Recent results:

1st 2008 Vans Cup
1st 2007 Vans Cup
3rd 2008 Aspen Snow Angel Invitational
1st 2007 Vans Cup
6th 2006 Winter Olympics halfpipe
1st 2006 Vans Cup halfpipe
2006 Transworld Rookie of the Year
3rd 2006 US Open
3rd 2006 Nippon Open
1st 2006 Australian Open (halfpipe/slopestyle)


Where do you call home at the moment?
South Lake Tahoe, CA

Who are your favourite people to ride with?
My favorite girl to ride with is Gabi Viteri…. We just always make every day on the hill something to remember.

You recently signed to Volcom’s snow team (although we understand you’ve had a relationship with them for a while).  What’s your look for this season?

I am really exited to be apart of the Volcom Snow program. It is full of amazing people and tons of new opportunities. The best thing about Volcom is there really is no look…. Everything is just spur of the moment craziness, and I love that about the brand.

You learned to ride when you were only six. Do you think this has helped you stay so chilled out about the sport?

I think that learning to snowboard young is definitely one of the reasons I love it so much, I have never had a life without snowboarding and I cannot imagine what it would be like.

We read that you were the first girl to land back to back 900s in a competition back in 2007. Which contest what that and what do you remember about it?

I landed back to back 9’s at the Vans Tahoe Cup. The most memorable part of that contest for me was the fact that I was in my home town so I had my family there watching and that really made it something special.

What your lasting memories of the Olympic Games?

The craziest part of the Olympics was by far the opening ceremonies. It didn’t really hit me that I was actually there until I walked into the stadium with the entire US team.

We just heard that  your team jacket from the 2006 Games is now hanging in the California bar in Heavenly. How did it end up there?

I grew up riding on a snowboard team at Heavenly. The coaches and a lot of the other kids on that team are like my family, we all grew up together and have stayed super close over the years. The team wanted to have some sort of memorabilia of what the kids on the team have accomplished over the years to inspire up and comers to always strive for their dreams. I donated my jacket to help this cause and hopefully inspire people.

Do you feel the hype around the 2010 Olympic Games is starting to build yet?

The hype around the 2010 Olympics is already in full force. It is amazing how much bigger and crazier this Olympics seems in the snowboard world than the last Olympics.

Is Vancouver something you’re actively thinking about and working towards?

I would love to go to the Vancouver Olympics. After being at the 2006 Olympics I know that there is absolutely nothing else like it and I would love the chance to experience that again.

You used to do gymnastics which really must have helped you when it came to snowboarding fitness and flexibility. What do you do these days off the snow to keep yourself in competition condition?

I love to surf which is really fun to do in the off season. I also spend time working out in the gym, practicing yoga, and running to stay in shape when I am not riding everyday.

What are your main goals for this season?

This season is full of contests for me, so with that in mind I just want to continue to push myself to progress while I am competing, and most importantly I just want to have a season full of laughter and fun because that is what snowboarding is all about.

Can we see you in action on any films this winter?

I am focusing mostly on contests this season but hopefully I will be able to get in some time with filming with Volcom.

Do you ever get the fear when you’re riding? If so, how do you deal with it?

No matter what there is always some sort of fear when I snowboard, because if there isn’t I know I am not pushing myself hard enough. It is a hard thing to manage fear but for me the best thing I have found to help me cope is music. Nothing calms me down and takes my mind off of things like a really good dance song!

What’s the best piece of snowboarding advice you’ve ever been given?

Stop thinking so much!

What do you to pass the time on bad snow days?

I love to cook, read, play board games… Rainy day activities are the best for off days 🙂

What essential items do you always carry with you on your travels?

On the road there are always a few necessities. Clean socks, chapstick, Orbits rasberrimint gum, an ipod.

Are you interested in getting involved in some of the other related jobs many riders are doing these day – design, filming, camp coaching etc?

One of the best parts of being a pro snowboarder is being able to help design what I am wearing and riding on. I love that aspect of working with Volcom because the designers are all so amazing to work with and we really have fun coming up with fun new ideas.

Pictures courtesy of Volcom Find out more about Elena at www.volcomgirls.com


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