Girlie skate and kitesurf summer camps announced

Girlie Camps are holding two summer camps in London and Berlin this year. The sessions are aimed at everyone from beginners to experienced skaters who want to work on new tricks and meet new friends.

You’ll get to ride parks and street spots and will have two sessions a day with Girlie coaches. You’ll also meet the Vans Girl team riders at each session including Lois Pendelbury, Samantha Bruce, Sabina Gögl, Anna Kruse, Sarah Meurle, Lisa Jacob and  Andrea Benitez.

The Berlin camp runs from July 19 to 26 an the London camp is from August 20 to 23. 
If you’d rather stay by the water Girlie are also holding their first kite surfing camp in conjunction with Flag Beach in Fuerteventura.  Again the camps are open to everyone from complete beginners to experienced ladies. These camps run June 30 to July 9 and September 8 to 22 and include self-catering accommodation and yoga sessions.
There are also regular surf camps too in Fuertaventura and Biarritz.
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