Ten questions with Kimmy Fasani

As if being a professional snowboarder weren’t enough, 25-year-old Kimmy Fasani has a BS in Marketing and a pet Terrier to boot. Not only that, but her recent performance on producer Stan Evans and director Jeremy Miller’s STANCE – a new snowboarding flick with an all female cast – leaves fans begging for more.

Lucky for us, we’ve yet to see everything the DC sponsored, California native’s got hidden in her arsenal. Kimmy’s coveted fearlessness is steering her in new directions, and it looks as though backcountry’s where it’s at. 

Powderroom.net had the chance to ask Kimmy a few questions… Here’s what this Ms.  Superpark® had to say: 
1) What’s it like being part of the DC family? 

Being part of the DC family has been amazing. The whole DC crew gets along really well 
and we are more than just a team of snowboarders, we are all friends. Having a team 
full of supportive guys has also helped me become more progressive with my riding. 
2) What are the best perks of riding pro? 

The best perk of being a pro is the consistent travel schedule and an extra plus is all the  time I get to spent outside. I am so grateful for every trip and day I get on the hill. 
3) Are there any drawbacks? 

A drawback of being a professional athlete is the injuries that are possible. We risk a lot  and have to be pretty strong in order to handle the big impacts. 
4) What was it like working on STANCE? 

Working with STANCE was a great experience. I learned so much about the back country  and sledding. Also, being out there with guy filmers really made me push myself because they wouldn’t let me settle with the small features. Instead, they are going to expect that I step up to the big features. 
5) Which other lady boarders do you like to watch? 
Torah Bright, Raewyn Reid, and Marie France Roy all have amazing style. 
6) What would you be doing if you weren’t riding pro? 
Who knows… I have a Bachelors degree in Marketing so maybe something along those lines. 
7) If you had to choose another sport, what would it be? 
I would love to be good at surfing. It’s a similar lifestyle but I could live in warm weather year round. 
8) Name a mountain you’d like to ride that you haven’t yet… 
I would love to ride in Argentina or Chile. I’ve heard all of those resorts are amazing. 
9) Name someone you’d like to meet that you haven’t yet [dead or alive]…
I would love to meet the Dalai Lama. He seems like such a gentle, enlightening, and powerful person. 
10) Any advice for up-and-coming lady boarders? 
Keep smiling and ride because you love it! Stay positive and don’t take things too seriously. Have fun and make goals for yourself. Everyday on the hill is an amazing day! 
EXTRA: Do you have a Halloween costume picked out yet? 
I don’t have a halloween costume picked out yet but I have a one-year-old Yorkshire Terrier and she would fit in nicely with my homemade Dorothy costume that’s in my dress up box.. 
Check out more of Kimmy’s misadventures @ www.kimmyfasani.com

2 Responses to “Ten questions with Kimmy Fasani”

  1. Sashaevette

    love your advice I am always smiling and as for the injuries the are possible for anyone so WEAR A HELMET!!!!

  2. PurpleHope

    I really see that girl wearing a special snowboarding or motorcycle helmet, you can really see she is into sports, but I guess she already knows how dangerous they are and how careful you must be in order to live many years to see even your children and your children’s children doing those sports.