Behind the scenes of the Roxy winter podcasts with producer Jasmin Willson

Jasmin Willson has taken on the task of producing this season’s Roxy winter video podcasts. We caught up with to find out how they get put together.

How did you end up taking on the Roxy podcasts?

When the last producer Josie left to take the job as Volcom Girl Team Manager I slipped into it her spot! My boyfriend Gendle is the podcast director/ filmer so we’ve been able to work together over the Winter which has been fun!

What are your main roles in putting them together?

My job really is to work with Stine (Roxy Marketing Manager) and Gendle to come up with concepts for podcasts that will work for Roxy’s winter marketing. Once that’s done, my job becomes organiser for shoot trips… last year we filmed in Switzerland, France, Italy, Austria, the US and Morocco where I have to make sure everything we need for the podcasts is being shot. Then I source all the music, oversee the edit, and distribute the finished podcasts!

How do you decide on the topics for the films?

Gendle is the main creative force behind the podcasts. Last season we tried to get away from the standard podcasts that you can find everywhere, and create something a bit different. We have had the Roxy team dressed as zombies and ninjas, singing, dancing and acting as well as skiing and snowboarding!

Some of the riders have been involved in making these podcasts for the last few years, do they get involved in coming up with the storylines etc?

Definitely. We got Lesley Mckenna, Aline Bock and Andrea Binning to do a piece on Avalanche Awareness which they helped write, and we got Kjersti to write a song that she rapper for her podcast "Kjersti Buaas is my name!"… she even made the music on Garage Band! It’s so funny!

How do you go about picking the music for the podcasts?

Picking the music for podcasts can be hard! I trawl Myspace music and find bands that are keen to work with us and with Roxy, get them to send us music and then sift through what we get to find songs that will suit the podcast. Last season I got music from about 30 bands, as well as getting someone to compose an original track, and got the rights to "Walking on Sunshine" that we made a music video to!

Who else works with you on putting them together?

We get footage from filmers all over Europe and the US, which is awesome as we can’t shoot everything! Roxy’s Art Department make the opening and closing idents for the podcasts and Roxy’s entertainment department help out with some music licensing as well. Then Gendle cuts it all together. None of it would go anywhere without co-operation from all the core industry websites either.

What’s Roxy’s involvement in the movies? (apart from their riders being in them!)

We have basic guidelines for the podcasts that we have to adhere to fit in with Roxy’s Winter marketing campaign. We propose the podcasts we would like to make, and Roxy fund the entire production. We work closely with Roxy through the season so everyone is happy with the end result.

When did you start preparing this series?

The proposal was given to Roxy last July and preparations and planning began then. It is a lot of work to get the Roxy Team where you need them when you need them there, they are all so busy! We were lucky this season to get so much time with Torah, she can be quite illusive!

What are the biggest challenges of putting the series together?

The season is so short and the girls are spread out all over the world during the Winter. If there are bad weather days or injuries, it can throw a whole podcast out the window! Last season we planned  to make a podcast with Roxy Skier Sarah Burke, but that had to be changed when she broke her back at the X-Games!

Any disasters during filming? Anything that didn’t turn out quite as you’d like?

There are always disasters! Basa knocked herself out, Torah dislocated her shoulder, Kjersti did her ACL and Paulina injured her wrist all during the same trip to Mammoth. I was a regular feature in the hospital there! That was supposed to be our chance to get a lot of our action footage for the series, we did shoot some but no where near as much as we’d hoped!

What have you got planned travel-wise this winter? Anything you’re especially looking forward to?

We are still discussing our big trips for the coming winter! Somewhere exotic and Asian could be on the cards…..

What’s your all time favourite snowboard movie?

I would be a bad girlfriend if I didn’t say a Lockdown Projects film so that makes me biased! It would have to be "SHOWOFFS" with its (totally illegal!) banging soundtrack and funny skits, made me fall in love! Spew! Hahaha will be showing all this season’s Roxy podcasts – check out previous ones at

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