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Getting around the mountains can be expensive – and millions of half-empty cars zooming around ain’t too good for the environment either. Therefore we were stoked when British snowboarder Tosh dropped us a line to tell us about his new website. was launched in October to help mountain fans connect and fill up spare seats in their vehicles when travelling to and from the hills.
The site enables your to find a ride, post a ride, request a ride and find a passenger. There’s also information about popular destinations. 
We caught up with Tosh to find out a bit more about him and the site and we asked him why he decided to develop and launch the site. Here’s what he said…
"I have been snowboarding for over 17 years and have spent the last 13 winters in Chamonix, France.
"Being a summer resident in London and an avid snowboarder meant that I never learned to drive until a year and a half ago. Why would I? I had better things to spend my money on and you don’t really need to drive in the "Big Smoke" anyway.
"Until that point, I would either get to the mountains by traveling with friends who were driving, or would fly to Geneva and either jump on a transfer bus or more often than not I’d bump into people I knew at the airport and jump into their vehicles to make the last leg of my journey.
"As soon as it gets to November, everyday I watch the weather forecast for Chamonix. I’m sure I’m not the only snow chaser out there, so there are many people who can sympathise with this obsession.
"I would find myself in situations where I would be sat in the office in London and at the first sight of a significant snowfall, I’d quickly tap in addresses to all of the flight comparison websites with a view to jumping on the next available option with a view to not missing out on any freshies.
"More often than not, I found that the cost of flights would be over and above what I could afford to pay due to the fact that it was such short notice. At this I would look to see if I could find a rideshare somehow. I would look on forums such as SCUK and Natives, to see if there was a glimmer of hope but I never found anything.
"My last port of call would be to call Stuart Brass at Soulsports to see if he knew of anyone who might be driving, sometimes I found a ride but more often than not I was still sat frustrated wondering how I was going to get out there.
"Being a graphics/web designer at I realised that there was a massive need for a website that allowed people to connect and share journeys to, from and between ski resorts. Not only would this help people save money, but it was a great idea for eco friendly travel. At the same time travelers could make new friends along the way. For me it was a no brainer, so I set to work on the idea.
"After three years of working on the site, I finally managed to launch it in time for the ski show this year and have been overwhelmed by the interest I’ve received from the UK winter sports industry and media as well as people who picked up the little promotional cards that I have been distributing over the last couple of weeks.
"It doesn’t take a genius to work out that we should be using a site like this and filling as many empty seats in vehicles as possible."
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