Olympians Get the Glamour Treatment

Glamour has a four page spread with Gretchen Bleiler, Kelly Clark, Lindsey Jacobellis and Hannah Teter in the February 2010 issue.  I knew they were doing a shoot with some of the 2006 Olympians (and 2010 Olympic hopefuls), as Gretchen Bleiler had tweeted about it a few months ago. It’s called the Great Olympic Glam-Up. You can check it out online or in the magazine scans below.

from Glamour – February 2010
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I know that it’s unusual to see pro snowboarder out of their shred gear, let alone in designer dresses but I wouldn’t even recognize Kelly Clark or Hannah Teter. So I wonder if it is less the clothing, than an overabundant use of airbrushing. 

Hannah’s face from the dress photo to the shred gear photo looks completely different. If you had told me that it was a snowboarder in the first photo I would have guessed Jamie Anderson.

Gretchen Bleiler has some behind-the-scenese photos from this shoot on her website, so you can see what they really looked like before the retouching began. I’m guess they’ve got Kelly squatting like that because her dress looks way cooler from the side/back than the fron (see the GB photos). Although with the three blondes jumping in the air, she does kind of seem to be left out of  this "blondes have more fun" moment. 

I do think its cool to see snowboarders in mainstream magazines, but not when they are photoshopped to be nearly unrecognizable. One thing I do love about this photo shoot – Kelly’s Gucci shoes. They are amazing!

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