Snuggle up with a Wicked Campervan

The start of my snowboarding holidays sometimes feel a bit like this: 
1. Leave the house before the birds are singing and the sun has risen dragging behind me a heavy snowboard bag (called Tigger Rose) filled with one snowboard and 27 thousand different changes of clothes
2. Haul Tigger Rose like dead body up dark street along with laptop bag (aka Dragon) and hand luggage (aka Chloe the Midnight Fox) to bus stop ready for my bus / tube / DLR / train trek across central London
3. Arrive at Liverpool Street Station / Victoria Station / Paddington Station ready to take the DLR / Gatwick Express / Heathrow Express to the Airport
4. Drag Tigger Rose, Dragon and Chloe the Midnight Fox to sleazy jet check in 
5. Check in
6. Schlepp Tigger Rose, Dragon and Chloe the Midnight Fox across full length of departures to ‘special luggage’ drop off
7. Say bye bye to Tigger Rose (my least favourite) taking Dragon and Chloe the Midnight Fox onto the plane
8. Take Off
9. Land
10. Take Dragon and Chloe the Midnight Fox to new ‘special luggage’ area that has foreign name making it sound like sophisticated nightclub but look just like ‘special luggage’ area in London
11. Reluctantly, muscle-achingly, collect a heavy Tigger Rose
12. Move, by any means available, Tigger Rose, Dragon and Chloe the Midnight Fox to a transfer van / snow train / hire car
13 Arrive, exhausted, in ski resort and start crying if I find my accommodation is top floor with no lift.
But there are some clever people who like big campervans and spray paint who seem to see the world of travel a little differently. And thank God they do.
Wicked Campers are by no means a new company but they only recently set their sights on helping the snow lovers of this world. They offer ridiculously cool, individually graffitied campervans that combine accommodation and wheels all-in-one. Which is a super solution for those of us with the mountain in our hearts and insufficient muscles in our luggage-carrying arms. The concept behind Wicked Campers is simple. Denis Geary, the Director of Wicked Campers, sums it up as follows;
“I believe in the experience of the roadtrip”
He had my full attention. 
“I believe in getting something out of the journey itself. Rather than just worrying about how fast you can get to your destination, ask yourself “what’s the hurry?””
I was a bit in love.
 “A roadtrip is a philosophy of life, a way of learning about yourself, an experience, a way to test yourself, a way to grow up…the possibilities are endless. Like life, your roadtrip is unique by how you shape it”.
And now I was planning our baby names and trying out my new signature. He was a clever man. 
Wicked Campers has actually been running for several years, operating across Australia, New Zealand and the US. But now they have made a home in Europe.
What this means for us is that we can book one of their campervans, and drive not just to one ski resort, but to as many ski resorts as we like, stopping where we want, when we want and sleeping in whichever location inspires us the most. And who hasn’t had a few too many après ski mulled wines and wished with a heavy heart and alcohol breath that your home wasn’t right outside the bar. Well, now it could be.
You don’t even have to limit yourself to ski resorts. You could take a tour across the Alps with all your ski stuff safely stored in your Wicked Camper then drive down to Barcelona, or across to Madrid, or Rome. Your Wicked campervan can take you to any city in Europe meaning you can eat, sleep, and conquer Europe all for the same price as hiring a car. And seeing as you won’t be wasting money on excess Tigger Rose luggage charges you’ll be able to afford loads of brilliant luxuries and extra adventures along the way. I have already booked one for my next snowboarding holiday. Dragon and Chloe the Midnight Fox are ecstatic. I’m not sure when I am going to tell Tigger Rose that she’s no longer needed… 
Thanks Wicked Campers. I feel light of heart, and luggage. 

Super Important Facts:
Until 1st April Campers is offering a ‘snowy special’ package starting from only £235 per week (that’s a saving of nearly £300 – less than the cost of a top of the range Tigger Rose!).
The price includes a two-berth Toyota campervan with one-way hire between London and snowboarding capital Verditz in Austria, insurance for two drivers aged 21 and over, unlimited mileage and roadside assistance.  

There is no better way to head to or return from the white-stuff. 
T: 0808 234 8461 
T: +44 207 1933647

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