Changing the guard at

I’m sad to tell you today that I’m standing down as managing editor of

I founded the site in 2002 and had no idea how popular it would become and how much fun working on it would be.  I’ve run it for the last eight years whilst also having a full time job (as does pretty much everyone involved in the site). However over the last couple of years I’ve found it increasingly difficult to juggle the two. As a result I haven’t been able to run the site as well and write as much content as I’d like and that has been frustrating.

Therefore I’ll be handing over the managing reins to the brilliant Lorene Voskinarian who has been involved in the site for almost as long as I have – initially as one of our first readers and forum contributors and then becoming the technical backbone and a fanatstic US editor. Lorene and a team of fabulous people based in the US will continue to run the site and we’ll publish a new set of contacts for them soon to make sure you can stay in touch. Expect many more great things to come from the gang soon!

However you don’t get rid of me that easily, I’ll still be writing blog posts and features whenever I can but won’t be the day to day editor and commissioner (new ridiculously grand title still to be decided!).

Thank you to everyone who has ever read anything on the site, written something, designed something, taken a picture, posted on the forum or emailed me – we couldn’t have done it without you.

 I’m off for a bit of a lie down now…

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  1. Noraz

    Thank you for all your hard work. I really enjoy the site.

    “Getting an inch of snow is like winning 10 cents in the lottery.” – Calvin and Hobbes