Raewyn Reid

Raewyn Reid is money–literally and figuratively. Why? Because at 21, she’s one of three DC sponsored female riders.  Sound money?  That’s because it is.  

Powderroom.net had the chance to ask the up-and-comer a few questions. Here’s what the Calgary raised Whistler resident had to say…

1. What’s it like being part of the DC family?
DC is great. Not only do I feel as though I am very well taken care of as an athlete but on top of that, I hold the highest level of respect for everyone behind the company. Everybody has been incredible and I am very proud to be associated with the DC family.

2. What are the best perks of riding pro?
Being a pro snowboarder is something I have wanted to do for as long as I can remember so that in its self is pretty great. Getting to go snowboarding almost everyday is a huge blessing, and getting to meet people who love snowboarding just as much as I do.

3. Are there any drawbacks?
Injuries are definitely one of the most prominent drawbacks. It sucks so much getting hurt and not being able to ride. Also, being on a snowboard trip and getting skunked. That is the worst.

4. What was it like working on STANCE (and did you know how money the producers thought you were before they put dollar signs next to your name)?
The year I filmed for Stance I had a lot of trouble crossing the US border so everyone was pretty excited when I finally made it down in the spring and was able to film a little bit. I had so much fun working on that project, and I got along really well with everyone involved in it. I think that the dollar signs were more of a joke than a statement. My riding style is pretty baggy so everyone thinks I am a gangster but I am really the furthest thing from it. I have a pretty playful relationship with Stan and Jeremy (the producers) so I think they were just adding fuel to the fire when they put the money signs there.

5. Which other lady boarders do you like to watch?
Kimmy Fasani is definitely on the top of my list. She has such good jump style. Leanne Pelosi is always a favorite, and Janna Meyen too. Janna has been ripping since I was a little kid. Also, my friend Lindsay McHugh from Calgary, whenever we ride together we just drag our heads on the ground and act like idiots the whole time. She is so funny to ride with and hilarious to watch.

6. What would you be doing if you weren’t riding pro?
If I wasn’t snowboarding I would probably like to go away somewhere for Art School. I also really, really want to be in a band.

Photo: Aaron Dodds

7. If you had to choose another sport, what would it be?
Probably surfing or skateboarding. It sounds cliché but both of those sports completely blow my mind. Surfing is so fun and it is something that I was never able to get into because Calgary is so far away from the ocean. Skateboarding is definitely more accessible but it’s just so hard to get good at and it looks so cool.

8. Name a mountain you’d like to ride that you haven’t yet…
Snowbird in Utah on a powder day. I hear that its amazing.

9. Name someone you’d like to meet that you haven’t yet [dead or alive]…  
At the risk of sounding like a total narcissist, if I could meet any person I would meet myself one year ago. I think it would be so interesting to know what I was actually like but it wouldn’t totally mess with me because it is in the past. I think I could learn a lot from myself in a really weird way.

Photo: Aaron Dodds

10. Any advice for up-and-coming lady boarders?
Just enjoy snowboarding. Sometimes trying to come up and get noticed can be really discouraging but snowboarding for yourself and having fun can minimize your frustrations. That is usually when the best things happen too.

BONUS: If you were a super hero, what would you call yourself… And who would be your alter ego?
If I was a super hero I would want to be somebody like Ziggy Stardust. A glitter rock messiah for all of the rejects and lonely people, or really just anyone at all. I would probably call myself something like “Lafarza Moon Beams” and I would wear a love jewel on my forehead just like Bowie. Let all the children boogie!!

Photo: Aaron Dodds

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