Gretchen Bleiler Won’t Be Competing in Pipe…Much

In a blog post on ESPN Women, Gretchen Bleiler has announced that she won’t be doing much competing in halfpipe this season. “I’ve decided to eliminate most of the halfpipe competitions from my schedule this season” wrote Bleiler.

As she enters her 10th season of competitive snowboarding, Bleiler explains that she feels she’s in “a bit of a competitive rut” and that the requirements of being successful competitvely stifle creatively. Bleiler is not retiring but seeking change.149

“It’s time to learn and time to grow. Seeing snowboarding differently, seeing the mountain differently, and riding with creativity and style — that’s my new goal. And the steps I’ll take to get there will be riding more than ever, pushing myself more than ever and learning more than ever.”


via Boardistan

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