Jamie Anderson Wins The Oakley Arctic Challenge

Jamie Anderson racked up another win at the first ever women’s slopestyle competition at the Oakley Arctic Challenge in Norway. Her run included a noseslide, a 50-50 bs 180 mute, a huge ss bs 540, bs 360, a tailslide 270 out and a  bs 540 indy on the last jump. Besides the $15,000 first prize, Anderson also earned herself a spot at the 2012 World Championships in Oslo.

After receiving her trophy, Jamie Anderson remarked, “I was never crowned the prom queen, but finally I got my crown.”


A strong showing by the other women in the field included 720s and an attempted backside 900. Canadian Spencer O’Brien placed second, and Jenny Jones added another top 3 finish to her season.


1. Jamie Anderson  USA    87,4 points    $15,.000

2. Spencer O’Brien  CAN    85,1 points     $7500

3. Jenny Jones        GBR     75.7 points    $5000

4. Cheryl Maas       NED      75.2 points

5. Thea Stenshagen NOR    68.7 points

6. Kjersti Østgaard Buaas NOR   65.2 points

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