Fitness in Small Spaces

We're almost to the unofficial end of summer…which means it's hurricane season. Hurricane Irene visited the East Coast and while I got away unscathed, my triathlon was cancelled. This also meant that my gym was closed and the weather was too bad to do anything outside.


Hello Irene (photo: steffy)

Working out has really become a habit for me, and when I don't get to do it I go a little stir crazy. So when I was confined to my house for 3 days I was really happy to have Nike Training Club with me. Luckily I never lost power, but even if I had as long as my phone was charged I was set. I did have to rearrange the furniture in my living room a bit, but then I had plenty of room for doing my workouts. I even did some cardio workouts, since my triathlon training (at least for this year) is done.

My progress is going great! I've made it up to Cyclone. Three hundred minutes may not seem like much but when that's in addition to the 4 hours of triathlon training I was doing every week, it really adds up. I can definitely see a difference in my upper arms and shoulders. This is particularly awesome as I am going to 3 weddings in the next 2 months and I want to look great in my dresses.

Since this is the Winter Fitness Challenge, its probably a good time to focus on the key fitness areas for snowboarding like cardio, lower body, core, and plyometrics. Next week I will try to highlight some specific workouts that are great for snowboarding prep.

How is your Winter Fitness Challenge going? Let me know here or in our forum. If you haven't started yet you can download the Nike Training Club App for free!

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