Get Fit for Winter With Nike Training Club

As the summer starts to wane and new snowboard gear is about to drop in stores, I start thinking about getting in shape for the season. I’m sure many other women out there would have already been getting in shape for bikini season, but we’re snowboarders! I’m more concerned about zipping my snowboard pants and being able to hike into the backcountry at 9,000 feet.


Getting fit for the season is a common topic of discussion amongs powderroomies, so I was excited to discover the Nike Training Club app for iPhone. Nike Training Club is basically a personal trainer in your pocket.

228To get started you pick one of four goals: Get Lean, Get Toned, Get Toned, or Get Focused.  Then you select your level: Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced…and voila! You have a training program! The app has lots of different workouts in each program so you won’t get bored.

The best part? It’s a free app! Plus the only equipment required for most of the workouts are a medicine ball or barbells.

I’ll be using Nike Training Club and updating you on my progress. I’ve been training to do my first triathlon and doing plenty of cardio, but I’ve definitely been slacking on my weight training. So I’m going to pick Get Toned as my goal.

I’m challenging all of you to start getting in shape for winter. It’ll be here before you know it! Download the Nike Training Club app and keep us updated on your progress.

Check back next Wednesday for an update on my progress and info on entering the Nike Training Club sweepstakes where you’ll be able to win prizes!

The Nike Training Club App is a full-body functional training app designed for you to make yourself whatever you want to be. Whether you’re looking to get lean, toned, or strong, NTC takes every workout to the next level. Download it here.

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