Gnu Releases “Ladies Choice” Jamie Anderson Edition

Gnu has just announced the early release imited edition Jamie Anderson “Ladies Choice” board. This board comes with a lot of adjectives as wells as Jamie Anderson’s seal of approval.

“It’s amazing! This board is designed for my riding style and everything I like to do,” Jamie says of the Gnu Ladies Choice. “It’s the best board I’ve ever ridden. I couldn’t be happier!”

Watch Jamie Anderson talking about her signature board..


Technology included:

Pickle Tech: Balance through Asymmetry. Jamie knows there’s a huge difference between your turn mechanics on your toe-side and heel-side edges. Gnu’s Pickle Tech asymmetric sidecuts perfectly balance nature’s asymmetry.

Magne-Traction: Serrated edges give great edge hold, slide boxes and rails with ease and allow Jamie to set up for big park jumps with complete confidence.

C2 Banana Technology: Camber / Banana combination contour gives the best of both worlds. Camber at each end offers stability during big landings and takeoffs at speed, while banana goes between your feet for catch-free freestyle, unreal float in pow and great carving even on hard pack and ice.

Also features: Quasi Glass, AG 1 lightweight, poppy, farmed, sustainable wood core and a sintered base

Available this fall in a Gnu early release, limited run
Msrp $539.95
Sizes 148.5cm and 151.5cm

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