Dew Tour Ices Women’s Snowboarding Events at Killington

The Winter Dew Tour heads to the east coast this weekend for the Pantech Invitational at Killington. I live in the NYC area, and there aren’t many major events on the east coast so I was excited for the events return….until I looked at the schedule. Take a gander and see if you notice anything missing.

That’s right there are no women’s snowboarding events at this stop.

There was women’s halfpipe and slopstyle at the Breckenridge stop in December, and they are included in the Toyota Championships next month at Snowbasin. Even last year’s Killington stop had women’s snowboarding events. So why did they drop it for Vermont, home state of last years Dew Champ and current leader Kelly Clark?

A look at schedules show that Breck stop didn’t include women’s skiing, but Killington does. All events have both skiing and snowboarding events for the men. The only conclusion that I can draw is that Dew Tour events can’t handle that many ladies killing it in one spot, which I find rather sad.

So instead of heading to Vermont this weekend to cover the Dew Tour, I think I’ll just go ride.

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