Kevin Pearce Bing Commercial Debuts During NFC Championship

During last night's NFL NFC Championship game Bing debuted a commercial with Kevin Pearce. In the video, Pearce narrates his story as an Olympic hopeful to being hospitalized with a tramatic brain injury to recovery and finally getting back on a snowboard.  If you missed it, we've embedded the video below.

Bing Director Lisa Gurry posted in a blog on Bing, "These videos are part of a new campaign for Bing, highlighting people doing interesting things. Bing has traditionally highlighted the decisions people make and now, with this new campaign, Bing will illustrate how decisions enable people to go beyond searching to doing."

Next up for Bing? Commercials featuring Kaitlyn Farrington and Gretchen Bleiler. I guess someone over there likes snowboarding.

<a href='' _cke_saved_href='' target='_new' title='Bing is for #Doing: Kevin Pearce’s Story'>Video: Bing is for #Doing: Kevin Pearce’s Story</a>

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