Hövding Invisible Helmet

Is the perfect helmet an invisible helmet?  Swedish designers Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin think so after surveying  urban cyclists. Haupt and Alstin designed the Hövding Invisble Helmet, which looks like a collar and functions like an airbag.

The Hövding Invisible helmet senses any abnormal movement that would indicate a cyclist may be involved in an accident and deploys a hood-like helmet. The helmet also meets the CE requirements for cycling helmets in the EU.

The Hövding Invisible helmet also has a removable shell that is made of a technical fabric so you can change up your look. The helmet retails for around 4000 SEK or $600.

Hövding’s website has some interesting warnings on hairstyles and hats that are incompatible with the helmet. For example if you rock a mohawk or a turban, this might not be your helmet.

The Hövding Invisible Helmet is only intended for use in cycling, but we imagine that one day we might see something like this on the slopes.


[via Cool Hunting]

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