Save Face: Neutrogena Sport Face Sunblock

Whether you are in the heat of the summer right or buried in snow, you should be wearing sunscreen. For the past year I’ve been using and loving Neutrogena Sport Face Sunblock for snowboarding and all my other outdoor activities.

There are basically 4 things I really like about this. Probably the most important one is that it doesn’t make my t-zone pores sting. Even some “face” sunscreens tend to make my face sting, but Sport Face doesn’t. It’s also a nice non-greasy lotion that doesn’t block my pores so no breakouts! I also like that Sport Face has a nice high SPF 70, regardless that people say you don’t need over SPF 15. The last reason is that it’s sweat and water resistant, so it doesn’t get into my eyes when I’m running.

I do have one big sunblock tip related to your eyes. Wash your hands after applying! I used to think a lot of sunscreens were running into my eyes, but then I realized I just touch my eyes a lot and I still had sunscreen on my fingers.

The MSRP on Neutrogena Sport Face is $11 but you can find it for less in any drugstore or online.

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