Boarders Without Borders Film Project Needs Your Help

Boarders Without Borders is a film project featuring Olympic Gold Medalist Hannah Teter and Gabi Viteri as they travel to Iran to snowboard. The trip isn’t planned until 2013 and they need your help to make it happen.

With 18 days to go on their Kickstarter project, Boarders Without Boarders  still needs to raise over $100,000 to get funded.  The money needed is broken down into a budget on the Kickstarter site, but includes things like visas, insurance, guides, rentals and a $4,000 Office of Foreign Assets Control License.

The film is described by the producers as:

“Boarders Without Borders will follow four professional American snowboarders, two females (Olympic Gold Medalist Hannah Teter & Pro-rider Gabi Viteri) and two male (TBD), as they journey to Iran to ride the world class uncharted Alborz mountains. When one thinks of Iran, it is typically the political strife and unrest that is widely represented in the American media. The last thing that comes to mind is 14,000-foot mountains covered in Utah-like powder, with densely populated resorts and chalets nestled at the base of the slopes. However, with over 75% of the population of Iran aged 35 and under, counter-cultures like snowboarding are hidden sanctuaries for the youth of Iran. We will explore this unknown world on and off the slopes through the eyes of these three American riders, and experience their journey as they discover a country that has been sealed off from the West for over 30 years.”

There are a lot of great rewards for sponsoring this project from a DVD of the film ($25) to a package including a GoPro Camera and Burton Snowboard ($1000).

If you are interested in sponsoring this project visit:

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