X Games Drops Snowboarder X

2012 Winter X Games Women’s Snowboard X Finals (photo: Eric Lars Bakke /ESPN Images)

ESPN has announced they’ll be dropping the Snowboarder X and Skier X events from Winter X Games. Snowboarder X has been in every Winter X Games since the event started in 1997.

“These decisions are never easy, obviously,” said Tim Reed, senior director of content strategy for ESPN X Games. “We understand the ramifications these things bring. We come up with what we believe are the best events to showcase to our fans on-site and obviously the networks, too.”

[via ESPN]

2 Responses to “X Games Drops Snowboarder X”

  1. Cayce

    Wow! Interesting, these things. I guess that’s their way of saying Snowboard X is boring/passe? What do you think??