Aimee Fuller Wins 2012 O’Neill Pleasure Jam

Aimee Fuller successfully defended her title at the 10th O’Neill Pleasure Jam in Dachstein, Austria. Strong winds affected the competition leading to the cancellation of the event finals, meaning that the semifinals determined the podium.

Aimee Fuller defends her title
photo: Roland Haschka

Luckily Aimee put down a strong enough performance in the semis to land her on top. The podium was rounded out by Isabell Derungs and Urska Pribosic.

Womens podium at the O’neill Pleasure Jam 2012: 1. Aimee Fuller 2. Isabell Derungs 3. Urska Pribosic

Here is a video of the finals. Skip ahead to 4:12 to watch the women.

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