Doppelgangers Of The Week

Nope, you’re not seeing double.

What your about to scroll through is merely the cosmos way of saying there are just way too many genetic permutations, even in the snowboard world.  Clearly the universe gets bored and begins to repeat itself.

Marko Grilc vs Eric Bana

Obviously long lost twins.


Iikka Backstrom vs Cary Ewles

Don’t you dare sit here and try to pretend you don’t know who that is. He’s the guy from Princess Bride and yes, he looks identical to Iikka, so shut up and fetch me that pitcher, farm boy.


Jake Olson Elm vs Nirvana Cover

I always wondered what happened to that baby…


Shaun White vs Malachi from Children Of The Corn

…It all makes sense now.

Chas Guldemond vs Daniel Tosh

 Weird, right??

Mike Ravelson vs This idiot who didn’t wear sunscreen

The most dangerous V I’ve ever seen


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