Stick Flicks: Bald E-Gal “Ground Control”

Every year I get more and more hyped on the new snowboard films that drop, and this year is no exception. Its no secret that this is primarily a ladies zine, but lets face it, sometimes we need a bit of testosterone in our lives- and as much as I like to see the woman of the industry pull off some crazy shit, I love watching the guys throw down just as much.

Bald E-Gal productions have once again given us another unique perspective of one of the best young urban crews from the Midwest. No bullshit- just friends snowboarding, and that alone makes me press play again and again.

Unlike this crews’ previous film E-Gal Eye, this movie was a bit more raw and on the mellow side- but in the best of ways; like mattress dancing to 90’s slow jams. The film starts with a slam section that is packed with some pretty hard stuff. Not sure what it is about human nature that makes watching bails enjoyable, but nonetheless, the tone for film was successfully set- young guys who have larger balls then most big name pros out there.

I was pretty impressed with most of the roster, but a few stood out that can’t go unnamed.  First up is Matt Boudreaux. Despite his beard being one of the most majestic things I’ve seen- his part was one that I couldn’t get out of my head. Maybe its because he adds his own twist to tricks, maybe his loose style stuck out to me, or maybe it’s because all my Paul Bunyan fantasies were semi fulfilled… All I know is this bearded man’s part made me very happy.

Cameos from some favorites like Dan Brisse, Jordan Michilot, Danimals and Jake OE definitely filled the film with some juice, even though their parts were fairly short. MEGA TEASE.

I’ve been pretty stoked on Krister Ralles ever since I saw his part from E-Gal Eye, and honestly, my feelings have remained unchanged. He is certifiably insane. Whether his tricks are smooth or sketchy, Krister is damn impressive. This part leaves me with that fuzzy warm feeling inside, and I like it.

Cody Beiersdorf also packs some solid street heat. Oozing with style he is the perfect blend of technical riding and incredible smoothness, staying clean from beginning to end. His riding intrigues me, just as much as his weird mustache.

And finally, hands down my most favorite part has to go to Brandon Larson. This guy is legit and proves that Minnesota’s up and comers are ruling the snowboard scene. His style is relaxed, creative and seemingly fearless which left me with a lady boner that just wouldn’t go away. He murders the place.


So sit back and relax. You need this in your life.

Grab your own copy of “Ground Control” here

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