Getting Fit for Winter

As winter draws closer, your time to get in shape for winter is running out. Nike has recently released a couple of free programs with pro snowboarders Spencer O’Brien and Silje Norendal for Nike Training Club. The Nike Training Club app is free an available for iPhone or Android.

You can view and print the programs here:

Spencer’s 4 week program focuses on Total Body Conditioning.

Silje’s 4 week program is just getting started but focuses on being Long & Lean.

Getting started was a bit confusing at first. Each week is a combination of NTC workouts and workouts you do on your own. If you take a look at the Silje’s workout you’ll see Monday is Fire Drill and on Tuesday you should spend 45 minutes doing yoga, pilates or barre. You can identify the NTC workouts because there’s the app icon next to it. Under the name it tells you where to find this workout in the app – that’s under Get Lean>Intermediate.

One of the great things about these plans and NTC, in general, is that they are free and don’t require a lot of equipment. If you have your phone and an internet connection you can do it anywhere. No excuses!

What are you doing to get in shape for winter? Let us know in the comments.




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