Behind Every Great Snowboarder, Lies An Even Greater Sock.

Shooting Arrow by Stance

They can be described as the black widow of anyone’s wardrobe; something so small yet capable of a great deal of accomplishment as well as style destruction, and still, most people neglect attention to them more than that of a red-headed step child. No, this doesn’t mean that windbreaker onesie suits are coming back in style, but rather a more charming taste in fashion is gaining momentum through socks.

That’s right – I said socks.

Probably the most important winter accessory of the season has become the priority for all riders, on and off the snow. With the rise of sock companies such as Stance and Stinky Socks, we’re seeing good-looking duds that help you board better— while making your tootsies the prettiest pair in the park.

Its time to throw away your tired and worn-out run of the mill socks that you’ve had since eighth grade gym class (it’s cool, we’ve all been there), and replace them with patterns that show that you can be a master of color and design. These socks are the perfect union of function and style.

So grab a hold and get comfortable because this is trend far from flying away.


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